Cold and Flu

Exposure to viruses is unavoidable, unless you live like a hermit. However, whether you succumb to a virus depends on the strength of your immune system at the time of infection.

Studies have repeatedly shown that taking a daily supplement of 1 gram of vitamin C or more reduces the incidence, severity and duration of colds. However, optimum nutrition, together with immune-boosting nutrients during cold epidemics, can produce even better results.

Diet advice
Avoid all dairy products, eggs and excessive meat or soya consumption, since these foods are mucus forming. This is a great time to give your body a high-energy pure food diet packed with fresh fruit and vegetables and their juices. Drink cat’s claw tea three times a day to boost the immune system.

• 2 x Multivitamin and multimineral
• 2 x Antioxidant complex
• 2 × Vitamin C 1,000mg (4g every four hours only when infected)
• EIderberry extract (1 dessertspoon four times a day only when infected). Echinacea drops (10 drops, two or three times a day)