Weight loss; it’s all in your mind

While we most certainly have genetic predispositions, our brains can change in amazing ways, regardless of age. This is known as neuroplasticity. We are not victims of our genes or neurons, we are creators of our mental states.

The erroneous belief that we are ‘set in stone’ can stop people trying to change. Creating new neural pathways that are linked to health is one of the many ways that can help you to change. Pruning old neural pathways that may link a hard day at work with a food related reward are really worthwhile working on and can indeed be changed or replaced.

Perhaps you are amongst those that have tried many diets and lost weight, only to regain the weight and end up heavier than you started? With each new diet that fails you, the belief that you can’t lose weight is reinforced? This is a limiting belief, preventing you from taking the correct action you need to. But you do have a choice!

You can choose to change this belief, you could convert it to ‘perhaps I haven’t tried every diet, this time it is different, I have the right plan and I can change anything if I really want to’. This is a much more positive and empowering belief which will help you towards reaching your goals.

It takes 3 weeks to break an old habit, 6 weeks to make a new habit and 36 weeks to hardwire that habit. So making changes, once you have made the decision to do so, will require a certain amount of planning to keep you on the right path. Simply saying you are going to do something, maybe making a commitment to do more exercise, is not going to work on its own. Joining a local sports group is a good way to motivate you to exercise more regularly, you also have the chance to make new friends. Why not try the new exercises created by Kate Staples for Burn Fat Fast, they are simple to do and will make you a fat burner.

Introducing changes gradually can be a very successful strategy, rather than going for a quick fix approach that is not sustainable.

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