The tell-tale truths telomeres tell you about slowing ageing

If you haven’t heard about telomeres, they are the hottest ‘proof’ of what actually works for slowing down ageing and what you can do right now to add years to your life and life to your years.

I wrote about them in my report Lengthen Your Life and Your Telomeres explaining that ‘at the end of the chromosome is something called a telomere, which is a bit like the hard bit at the end of a shoelace. This becomes shorter with each cell copy, until it is too short and the DNA is no longer protected’.

One of the hottest and fastest growing areas of research is exploring what is associated with lengthening (good) or shortening (bad) telomere length. You can get yours measured, as I have done (more on this later).

For example, the latest issue of the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Ageing publishes research showing that the higher your intake of nuts and seeds, the longer your telomeres. If 5% of your calorie intake comes from these foods you’ll live 1.5 years longer, the research proposes.

In a very short period of time almost 20,000 studies have been published on telomeres, confirming that risk of so many diseases increases with shorter telomeres. For example, women with the BRCA2 gene who develop breast cancer have much shorter telomeres than those who don’t. So do people with celiacs disease and other auto-immune diseases. (If you are one of them, doing all you can to reverse auto-immunity and, in the case of celiacs, avoiding all gluten, may mitigate that risk.) Stress also plays a part. A study of people who have had a recent severe, stressful event appear to have an associated shortening in telomere length, suggesting that lengthening and shortening is something you can change for the better.

Yet another study, published in February in the Polish Archives of Internal Medicine, finds that the higher your intake of vitamins and minerals the longer your telomere length. This confirms other studies that show that supplement takers have longer telomeres.

Here’s a summary of the findings so far on what nutrition and lifestyle measures are most likely to mean longer telomeres, a longer life and less risk for disease:

Longer Telomeres  

  • Higher B12
  • Higher folate
  • Higher vitamin C
  • Higher vitamin D
  • Higher vitamins generally
  • Higher minerals generally
  • Taking supplements
  • Lower homocysteine level
  • Regular exercise

Shorter Telomeres

  • Stress and early life traumas
  • Lack of sleep
  • High homocysteine
  • Inflammation
  • Exposure to pollution

This new layer of understanding of what ‘100% health’ means is very encouraging because it matches exactly the advice I’ve been recommending for decades and precisely why I take the 100% Health Pack every day giving:

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I just tested my telomeres through Regenerus labs and at the age of 59, I have the average telomere length of a 29 year old! You can too.  This test is available in the UK via in London who have many centres around the UK for taking a blood sample. They send you a collection kit. The test costs £413. 100% Health Club members receive a 10% discount, saving over £40. To claim your discount call 0203 750 0870 and quote the promotion code PH17-10%.

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