My favourite natural anti-cancer remedies

  • 20 Oct 2015
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Many people diagnosed with cancer struggle with marrying the two camps of orthodox chemotherapy with natural approaches. Yet many of the best natural remedies improve the effect, and reduce the side-effects of the best chemotherapy drugs, so it does not need to be an ‘either or’ decision.

While the avoidance of developing cancer cells requires creating a chemical (and emotional) environment that stops healthy cells converting to cancer cells, it appears that this can also contain cancer cells and stop them from spreading and even help them revert to healthy cells. A paper published by Onodera and Bissell just this past year in the Journal of Clinical Investigation showed that breast cancer cells could be “reverted to a quiescent and normal phenotype if glucose (sugar) was removed from the medium in which these were cultivated.” I advocate a total avoidance of sugar, plus a low GL diet for all cancers, and a ketogenic diet, for those with brain cancer where it has proven most effective. High protein diets may not be the right approach for cancers that affect epithelial tissue eg in the gut, mouth and lung, since glutamine, an abundant amino acid in meat and dairy products, feeds epithelial cells.

Different cancers respond to different chemotherapy agents, be they natural or drug. However, knowing which ones will be most effective for a specific patient’s type of cancer is the key, and the research focus of a laboratory in Greece called the Research Genetic Cancer Centre. They have developed the ability to test a comprehensive panel of natural remedies, as well as chemotherapy drugs, against a person’s specific kind of cancer, from a blood sample containing their cancer cells. It is therefore possible to compare the likely efficacy of recommended drugs versus natural remedies, and also weigh up the long-term pros and cons given that heavy duty drugs often deplete immunity while many natural chemotherapy agents actually enhance it, so the patient feels better, not worse, at the end of treatment. Other labs are now offering similar chemosensitivity testing such as Biofocus in Germany. However, it is important to test the primary tumour cells not just circulating cancer cells. Also, cancer cells do mutate and all cancer experts I have interviewed recommend a multi-faceted approach, using combinations of many anti-cancer substances making it harder for the cancer cells to survive, grow and adapt.

These are my favourites bearing in mind that every cancer is different:

Megadose vitamin C

By far the best ......

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