How2Quit : Heroin and Painkillers

  • 17 Aug 2010
  • Reading time 4 mins
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Use the following guidelines alongside our How to Quit Action Plan in Part 4 of the How To Quit book.

Please note all page and chapter references in this article are from How to Quit.

Firstly, don’t do it alone. You need professional support. Our recommendation is that you check into a good treatment clinic where you will be medically detoxed. As well as quitting you need to change your friends and your circumstances. Some people join Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and meet other people committed to staying clean. As they say in NA, you need new playgrounds and playmates. You need to make a break from the kind of situations where you’ll be offered heroin. With medical supervision, the nutritional support recommended in Chapter 27 can greatly reduce your abstinence symptoms and improve your chances of success.

  1. One week in advance begin taking the Basic Supplements.
  2. It is certain that your digestive system will be damaged, since heroin shuts down digestion, so you need a digestive-system tune up. As a consequence you’ll be low in essential fats. Eating oily fish, seeds and supplements of omega-3 can help to heal the damage. Read Chapter 8 and follow the Digestion Prescription (see pg 393) of our How to Quit Action Plan.
  3. In terms of specific supplements, you need the Opiate Prescription (see pg 411). This contains D-phenylalanine, which is the amino acid that helps restore your brain’s normal production of endorphins and enkephalins. It also contains natural relaxants (GABA or taurine/glutamine), magnesium and tryptophan or 5-HTP. (Taking NAC 500mg twice a day and turmeric 500mg twice a day with meals will help with ongoing detoxification and to increase production of enkephalin.)
  4. Two nutrients included in the Opiate Prescription (see pg 411) are niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin C. You’ll need these in large amounts for a small period of time. Back in 1977 Dr Alfred Libby and Irwin Stone pioneered a detoxifying treatment for drug addicts using megadoses of vitamin C. In one study involving 30 heroin addicts, they gave 30–85g a day and reported a 100 per cent success rate. Dr Abram Hoffer reported similar results in one week with ten heroin addicts using 50g of vitamin C combined with high-dose niacin. If you take too much vitamin C you get loose bowels. Take vitamin C up to bowel tolerance levels.

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In an ideal world, the detox process at ......

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