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  • 12 Jun 2013
  • Reading time 5 mins
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If you have a serious addiction to cocaine or amphetamines, we recommend that you get professional treatment as an inpatient, or at the very least, outpatient treatment where you will get help from people who understand addiction. In a treatment setting you will get education about your addiction and addiction-specific counselling.

Once you have quit completely (at this stage there is no such thing as occasional use), you need to change your friends and your circumstances. Some people join Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and meet other people committed to staying clean. As they say in CA, you need new playgrounds and playmates. You need to make a break from the kind of situations where you’ll be offered a 'line'.

Use the following guidelines alongside our How to Quit Action Plan in Part 4 of the How To Quit book.

Please note all page and chapter references in this article are from How to Quit.

  1. Start by taking the Basic Supplements a week before you quit.
  2. Follow our How to Quit Diet. You will have neglected your health and your diet, since these drugs are powerful appetite suppressants. Your health now needs attention, so it’s time to have a crash course in healthy eating. This will quickly make you feel better and stronger.
  3. The chances are if you use cocaine or crack, you smoke cigarettes, another dopamine-elevating stimulant and, ultimately, this is important to quit too. But, for now, at the very least, do not increase the amount you smoke and, ideally, keep it below ten a day. For the same reasons, you’re probably a coffee drinker. Similarly, don’t increase your caffeine intake and ideally keep to a maximum of two cups a day. After 30 days, work towards stopping coffee (Chapter 19) and then cigarettes when you are ready (Chapter 21).
  4. Take 20–25g of oral vitamin C in divided doses (or up to ‘bowel tolerance’: the point where you get loose bowels) as a powder in water diluted one-third with juice. Take this for a week until you are through the worst of your withdrawal symptoms.
  5. Take the Stimulant Prescription (see pg 403)  , which provides tyrosine, adaptogenic herbs and B vitamins, including pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), needed for the adrenal glands. Also take NADH, which is similar to a B vitamin, to help correct reward deficiency and get your natural dopamine going.
  6. If you feel extremely tired and low, and are overeating, take ......
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