Nutrition-Based Treatment Centres

  • 16 Jul 2013
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Find treatment centres which incorporate the principles and practice of nutritional therapy in their treatment protocol.

The following treatment centres incorporate the principles and practice of nutritional therapy in their treatment protocol:

UK Centres :

The Brain Bio Centre - is an out-patient clinic offering nutritional therapy post-detox for those with addiction problems. The Brain Bio Centre, part of the charitable Food for the Brain Foundation, is based in Putney, South West London and specialises in nutritional approaches to mental health problems. Its staff include psychiatrists and nutritional therapists. Visit for more information.

US Centres :

Bridging the Gaps is a residential and non-residential treatment center located in Winchester Virginia. For those seeking sobriety with intravenous nutritional therapy, Bridging the Gaps may be just the place to go. The treatment philosophy there is based on the the need for healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and is melded with the 12 Steps of Recovery. Bridging the Gaps addresses the readjustment of the body’s own physiology, emphasizing restoration of the body’s biochemistry for a quality life in recovery. In addition to intravenous nutritional therapy, they provide exercise, meditation, stress reduction techniques, acupuncture, nutrition education and oral nutritional therapy. The educational program at Bridging the Gaps was designed and developed by Merlene Miller. David Miller is a consultant for Bridging the Gaps.

Community Addiction Recovery Association (CARA) is a nonprofit organization in Sacramento, California, treating chemical dependency with nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, acu-detox, herbal tea, and yoga. Staff includes licensed acupuncturists and certified practitioners of clinical nutrition and the various mind-body integration techniques offered. CARA contracts with individual treatment facilities to provide any or all of these services on site.

Carol Cummings, M.S.W., an addiction counsellor in private practice as part of Counselling and Mediation Services in Wichita, Kansas, uses a variety of alternative treatment methods. First, the client is assessed, usually by a psychiatrist, to evaluate any serotonin or dopamine deficit or other neurochemical imbalance. Appropriate nutrition and amino acid and vitamins supplements are then recommended. Clients are introduced to a variety of stress-reducing techniques including ......

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