Basic Supplements

Everybody can benefit from the following four basic supplements, taken twice a day, every day. We take these every day despite having no addictions or abstinence symptoms. You will, however, need specific amino acids as well, depending on your abstinence symptoms and on the substance you are quitting (this is explained in the book).

These are:

  1. An optimum nutrition multivitamin and mineral
  2. Additional vitamin C, ideally with berry extracts (bioflavonoids)
  3. Essential omega-3 and 6 fats (ideally providing GLA, DHA, DPA and EPA)
  4. Phospholipid complex (ideally providing phosphatidyl choline, serine, MG and glutamine) offers high quality supplements such as these.


The starting point of any supplement programme is a high-potency multivitamin and multimineral. This should provide the following nutrients:


A good multivitamin should contain at least 7,500iu of vitamin A, 15mcg (600iu) of vitamin D, 100iu of mixed natural vitamin E, 250mg of vitamin C, and 25mg each of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, 10mcg of vitamin B12, 200mcg of folic acid and 50mcg of biotin.


This should provide at least 200mg of calcium, 150mg of magnesium,10mg of zinc, 2.5mg of manganese, 20mcg of chromium and 25mcg of selenium, and ideally 30mcg of molybdenum and 1mg of boron. You should not take an iron supplement unless you are iron deficient. A routine blood test will determine if you are, and your doctor will let you know.

Multivitamin and mineral

You simply can’t fit all of the above vitamins and minerals into one...

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