5 Day Diet

Pioneering research has shown that a diet that is low in carbs and calories and high in good fats that trigger ketosis can help you lose weight, counteract many diseases and boost wellbeing – better than water fasts. In animals this five-day diet has even reversed auto-immune disease.

The key is to trigger a self-repair process, called autophagy, which renews and rejuvenates your cells, reboots your metabolism and detoxifies your body.

My book – The 5-Day Diet – covers not just the science, but specific foods and nutrients which are all built into the Diet to trigger autophagy. Conventional keto diets are not good for this because meat and milk shut autophagy down. I provide practical help so you can do the diet easily: daily meal plan, recipes, shopping lists and exercises. All you have to do is follow it. It’s a great way to lose weight, gain energy and transform your health


Here’s some testimonials and advice from those who have done the diet.


The 5-Day Diet ( Piatkus) is available to order here.


Blogs, Reports & Podcasts


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Go Hybrid: For healthy weight-loss

The 5 Day Diet works every time


I Lost 8lb on The 5 Day Diet – what happened on The 5 Day Retreat in September 2020.

The 5-Day Diet Works – Lynn Krog, a Health Coach, tried the diet out on 21 of her clients. Here’s what happened.

Reset, renew and reboot cell health in just 5 days – extract of Intro from the book.


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How to Reboot Your Health, Energy and Immune System in 5 Days

Award-winning medical journalist and co-author of the Hybrid Diet Jerome Burne, talks with me about autophagy, intermittent fasting, cell rejuvenation and my new book the 5 Day Diet.

Pioneering research has shown that a diet that is low in carbs and calories and high in good fats that trigger ketosis can counteract many diseases and boost wellbeing better than water fasts. This kind of diet, including specific foods and nutrients, trigger a self-repair process, called autophagy, which renews and rejuvenates your cells, reboots your metabolism and detoxifies your body. Jerome Burne and I realised this as we came to the end of writing the Hybrid Diet. Tune in for the next chapter in the science of cellular renewal and how to reset your system for superhealth.




We asked for some feedback from those who have already done the diet. Here’s what they had to say. 


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The Science & Testing


The 5-Day Diet is based on the science outlined in The Hybrid Diet (published 2019). References for The Hybrid Diet can be found here.

Watch my 2 minute video to find out how it works.


References for The 5-Day Diet to follow soon.

LOW-GL Foods


KETOSCANMINI (voucher code in the book) has free next day delivery.

How do you know your glucose and ketone level? There are a few different methods available for monitoring your K and G scores.

Ketonix® breath analyser is the easiest and one of the cheaper ways of measuring ketones because you buy the device and can then use it as often as you wish – and anyone else can also use it. The tubular device has two parts – the device and a battery part that you charge up then attach so you can use it away from a power source. Alternatively, you can connect it directly to your computer through a USB port.

Keya Smart measures ketone and glcuose from a pin prick blood, applied to a stick, inserted into a meter. The best deal is to get the ‘KEYA® Smart Meter Kit + 3 vials’ which gives you 110 test strips each providing a combined Glucose-Ketone test. That’s enough for a month’s worth
of testing, three times a day. See www.keyasmart.com


Find out how to biowack your glucose and ketone scores from urine, blood and breath in this Test Your Glucose and Ketones Film.

Events & Retreats

The 5-Day Diet Retreat will be taking place from 2-9 September 2021, in the glorious Fforest Barn Mountain Retreat by Sugarloaf Mountain, South Wales (2.5 hours from London by train or car). It is led by Patrick Holford, who teaches you how to get into ketogenesis fast and with the least pain and stay there and how to come out into a Slow Carb/Low GL phase. It is a 7 day retreat.

Products To Support The 5-day Diet

One way to get into ketosis is by fasting. The trouble is – only the brave are willing to do it! The 5 Day Diet has been carefully designed by pioneer nutritionist Patrick Holford and consists of five consecutive days of recipes providing fewer calories, with not too much protein or carb – supported by the supplements in this combo – all specifically designed to trigger autophagy, and give you the benefit of fasting without the hunger.

The keto phase of the diet is followed by the Low GL maintenance diet with a recommendation to do the 5 day keto diet once a month or once a quarter depending on health status.

Patrick Holford supplements are available from HOLFORDirect and in good independent health stores and progressive pharmacies. For a list of health stores in Ireland please visit www.irishhealthstores.com


HOLFORDirect are doing a fantastic combo which provides the supporting nutrients needed to ensure maximum effectiveness of the programme: the Hybrid Pack, Ketofast, GL Support, Get Up & Go and Carboslow Powder. The book is FREE with the combo until 31 July 21. There is a combo without the book.

The diet is recommended to be done every month or every quarter. The combo will last for three months (if the diet is done once a month) or 9 months (if done once a quarter) and some of the supplements will last far more cycles/can be used in the Low GL phase.  You can ‘top up’ supplements individually (see below).


Pure C8 MCT Oil – fuel for ketone energy metabolism
A pure form of C8 oil – the most effective MCT oil as it makes ketones faster than any other oil. Each tablespoon provides 15mls of pure C8 derived from 100% coconut oil. It’s without additives and is creamy and delicious.


Supports weight management and turns fat into ketones. GL Support may be particularly useful for those following a diet or exercise plan. Chromium contributes to normal nutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Garcinia Cambogia, a natural source of HCA, may contribute to weight management and healthy appetite control. Carnitine is a vital component in two processes: burning fat and turning it into ketones.


Provides all the support nutrients for either the high fat or slow carb phase for optimal metabolic efficiency. To turn food into energy you need specific nutrients. The Hybrid Pack contains the 28 day’s supply of the three pillars of every day health that create the backbone of a health regime. Optimum Nutrition Formula, ImmuneC® and Essential Omegas. AGE Antioxidant provides specific support optimal energy metabolism and health ageing. Provides an extensive range of health supplements in one pack, presented in convenient am and pm blister strips, simplifying supplement needs and perfect if you are on the move, or want to take with lunch or dinner eating out.


Contributes to weight loss, normal cholesterol and better glucose management
Get Up & Go is a combination of vitamins, minerals, essential fats, protein & fibre, and designed to be mixed into a tasty shake – a nutritious way to start the day for the whole family! Simply mix with sugar-free milk and berries or a banana and create a quick and delicious smoothie that is perfect for people wanting high quality nutrition on the go!

This new formula also provides 1 gram of glucomannan with each serving. Glucomannan fibre is a highly soluble plant fibre that fills the stomach to give a feeling of satiety. Served with carb-free milk (such as almond) and a small handful of berries (such as 100g of strawberries) it is only approximately 7 GLs, hence suitable in both the High Fat and Slow Carb Phase of The 5-Day Diet.

It also contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels with a daily intake of 4 grams. It contains other nutrients such as B vitamins, biotin, calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese, which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.


Carboslow supports healthy weight management. Glucomannan is natural fibre which fills the stomach to give a feeling of fullness. It helps cleanse the digestive system, maintain a healthy blood sugar balance and encourages the removal of cholesteral.


This potent powder provides a tasty, sugar-free pH balanced Vitamin C powder with Black Elderberry, Bilberry and Ginger, for the normal funciton of the immune system.

This perfect PH formula, designed by Patrick Holford, is ideal for rapid recovery. The minerals Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Manganese Ascorbate, deliver significant amounts of immune friendly minerals with frequent use. Naturally flavoured with Black Elderberry, famous for its role in supporting immune response, and Ginger.  The powder can be diluted in water which gives flexibility on amount within the recommended intake directions. A cost effective way to supplement Vitamin C.