The 5-Day Diet Works

Twenty-one people with either weight or health issues went on my new 5-Day Diet. The diet involves eating 800 calories a day for five days, but it’s certainly not a conventional low calorie diet.

Every ingredient, including daily supplements, is designed to switch on a rapid cell repair process called autophagy. It’s like a cellular reboot and it gives you a big energy kick. This is exactly what happens in a total fastbut now we know there are twenty triggers for autophagy and by eating these specific foods and nutrients you get the benefits of fasting without the hunger.

Meat and milk are out – they switch off autophagy. Broccoli, nut butter, olives, kale, kimchi, ginger, turmeric and a special Hybrid Latté coffee, made with almond milk and almond butter, cacao, cinnamon and a type of fat from coconut, called Ketofast, are in. They trigger autophagy. Exercise is limited. Resistance training, where you’re trying to build muscle, turns this cellular repair process off.

The Trial

Lynne Krog, a Health Coach tried it out on twenty-one of her clients meticulously recording their weight and body fat changes. The greatest weight loss was just under 4kg (8lbs), while the average for the group overall was 52kg(114lbs), over 8 stone, with the average weight loss being 2.5kg or 4.5lbs.

“This approach really works. 5 days is manageable, at the end of it you feel so good that you don’t fall back into bad habits immediately – I give people the GL eating plan in the book after the five days and many have continued to lose and feel great.” Says Lynne. “Women love it – they lose weight, don’t have to think about food for the week and really enjoy the tasty food. The favourites are the Hybrid Latté, the tomato soup and the broccoli and cauliflower soup. The men who have done it are the partners of the women. If she is not cooking for herself she gets him to do it as well to make life easier. It’s not difficult, fits easily into the working week, and leaves you with a sense of achievement.”

Feedback from the group

“I feel great, less stressed and able to handle everything”. Kirsty D

“I am feeling good, love that coffee in the morning. I haven’t had any cravings – sugar or alcohol. So that is great.”  “Food is yummy, and more than I figured we could eat. Loving the soups”. Cheryl H

“I am loving the meals. Please do this monthly. It’s so easy and the recipes are yummy. Thank you.” Moyra B

“I feel great. The food is delicious. Loving the different lunches” Angie S “Have loved my meals today and not feeling hungry at all” “I feel great……It is great for me to see some movement in weight – so it can be done. My stomach a lot flatter”. Laura J

“What’s great about the 5 day diet”, says Lynne, “is not only the weight loss and how great you feel both during and after the five days but it’s really easy to repeat every month or two if you have more weight to lose.”

Moyra B, who started at 43kg, lost 3.7kg (8 lbs). here’s what she says:  “I did the 5 day diet a few weeks ago. Had heard great reviews from a friend so decided to try it for myself. Was astonished at the results on so many levels including a weight loss of 3.7kgs which 2 weeks later remains off. My energy levels and concentration are up and my digestion, which I was battling with, is greatly improved. Looking forward to doing this boost on a quarterly basis. PS. The meal plan was so simple to follow and included delicious meals so never felt deprived. Would highly recommend this diet.”

Cheryl H, who weighed in at 86kg and is now down 3kg. Here’s her report on the diet: “I have tried several health boost and detox programmes over the years. Starting this one on the first day of Covid-19 Lockdown, my family were concerned with the inevitable “hangry” and moodiness that stems from sugar and caffeine detox and the attendant hunger pains from a restrictive diet – “there will be blood on the wall Mom and not ours” was their caution.

I had already started the almond coffee Hybrid Latté a few days before to wean myself off six cups of coffee a day…

The programme was easy to follow, the recipes yummy and the quantity of food more than enough. I never felt hungry or tired for the five days. I never had any sugar or caffeine cravings and have managed to maintain the no sugar and one coffee a day routine without any qualm. I have also had no desire for an alcoholic drink, despite Lockdown and limited living space with three young adult kids.

My skin feels better. Although normally a bad sleeper, my sleep was more restful. Currently in menopause, I think I am on my way to controlling my weight again and feeling good about my food and myself.

Going forward, I plan on doing the five-day health boost monthly. I have replaced breakfast with the almond coffee latte – I love the drink! The drink keeps me filled till at least past noon, when I have my lunch.”

Lauren C who weighed in at 88kg and lost 3.5kg in 5 days. Here’s what she says: “The main reason for me doing the programme was to lose weight, and then the added benefit of my body being healthier.  I had a knee replacement 15 months ago, and have really struggled with getting back to normal, so I am also hoping that this will assist with reducing the inflammation in my body.

I did struggle on the 5 day programme, particularly since I am a big coffee drinker (and I enjoy my wine);  but I managed to stick to it for the full 5 days; and was happy with the results.  I did experience a pretty bad headache for 2 days, which was expected due to the detoxing.  I noticed that my hot flushes were much improved after completing the programme. My skin looked and felt great.  The puffy bloated feeling disappeared. I certainly want to try and do the programme every 5 or 6 weeks for a while and am happy to stop the coffee and wine during the programme.  I am trying to use this programme as a way of life and not a diet, and get the best results long term.”

Everyone lost weight on the 5 Day Diet but, most importantly everyone noticed some major health improvements, one being a big increase in energy and general wellbeing.

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