Vitamin Friendly Unvaxed Have Lower Hospitalisations

A study of over 300,000 people who elected not to get vaccinated shows participants place minimal burden on health systems through their strong reliance on natural immunity, self-care and the use of natural health supplements to help prevent or even treat COVID-19.


The survey of over 305,000 participants from more than 175 countries, with over half of participants being from Europe or North America, who joined the citizen-led project and opted to not receive COVID-19 vaccines in the ‘Control Group’ which analysed findings from a sub-group of 18,497 participants who provided continuous data of infection, hospitalisation and use of treatments over a five month period from September 2021 through to February 2022.

The findings, as yet not peer-reviewed, show that during the 5-month survey period, participants suffered low rates of severe COVID-19 disease, were infrequently hospitalised, and used natural health products extensively both for prevention and for treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19.

Sixty four percent of all respondents reported routinely taking vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc or quercetin, or any combination of these, during the survey period for preventative purposes. Among those taking supplements, vitamin D was most commonly consumed (53.3% of respondents), closely followed by vitamin C (51.7%), in turn followed by zinc (42.4%), with quercetin being the least used (15.5%) of the four.

Some also took off-label medications (ivermectin [IVM] and hydroxychloroquine [HCQ]) during the 5-month survey period and especially during infection. The rate of hospitalisations was exceedingly low among those supplementing as shown below.

This survey represents real evidence that taking actions to support natural immunity is a valid approach to viral infection with the added advantage of minimal associated adverse effects and no treatment-related mortality.