Vitamin D Cuts Mortality by 90%

New trial on vitamin D in the form of calcifediol, shows great results suggesting you’re 90% less likely to die if treated with high dose vitamin D on arrival at hospital. This Spanish trial involved almost a thousand (930) patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19, who were randomly given vitamin D or not. Of those given vitamin D, 5% ended up in ICU, compared to 21% in the control group. Only 6.5% on vitamin D died compared to 15% in the control group.

So, if you’re hospitalised with COVID-19, you’d be four times less likely to end up in ICU if you dose up with vitamin D, and three times less likely to die if you do. That means you’re over 90% less likely to die if you are hospitalised with COVID- 19, if you’re dosed up with calcifediol (the pre-converted form of Vitamin D).

The study from a Barcelona ICU is going through peer-review, probably to be published soon in the Lancet, and proves a causal link – not just an association – between vitamin D and COVID-19 mortality.

Patients were given the pre-converted form of vitamin D, calcifediol, 532mcg on day 1, 3, 7, 15 and 30. That’s 2,660mcg over the month. You can’t exactly compare, but that would be 100,000iu over the month.

The vitamin D you make, or supplement, has to be converted into calcifediol, a process that can take three days, thus this form (calcifediol) is more appropriate when an immediate increase in the ultimate hormonal form of vitamin D is needed quickly.

This study was fed to me from my vitamin D podcast guest Dr William Grant. Listen to my interview with him on why you need vitamin D.