Top 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People

When leading nutritionist Patrick Holford carried out Britain’s largest-ever health and diet survey, completed by more than 55,000 respondents, the results showed that to be super-healthy, all you need to do is follow ten essential steps to health.

Seven of these relate to what you eat and Patrick has discovered a simple way to tune up your body’s biochemistry so you feel fantastic and, in the process, can reverse many common disease processes. He’ll be explaining how to improve your digestion, find and lose food intolerances, balance your blood sugar and lose weight, slow down the ageing process by increasing your intake of six essential antioxidants, improve your mood and memory by sharpening up your ‘methylation’ ability. This depends on certain B vitamins and is one of your biggest health indicators, linked to low risk for heart disease, memory loss and bone mass loss. He’ll also explain about the importance of essential fats – from omega 3 to vitamin D, as well as phospholipids – and the kind of foods and supplements that really make a difference, plus the need to keep yourself hydrated. The seventh secret is how the body and mind stay ‘in tune’ with chemicals of communication – hormones, neurotransmitters and cytokines.

“When your body/mind is out of balance it goes into a state of inflammation. This underlies all diseases processes and is the major cause of pain.” he says. “Cancer and auto-immune diseases are classic illustrations of a breakdown in communication. We place too much emphasis on genes as the cause of disease, much like the gods of old. Inheritability accounts for less than 20% of most disease risk, including cancer. That means 80% is your environment, in other words what you eat, drink, breathe and how you live – things that are under your control.” But what about the non-nutritional factors? Here’s what he found in his 100% health survey, the results of which are published in the book Ten Secrets of 100% Health people. (available from


100% Health Survey results: 54 per cent% of those with an optimum cardiovascular health rating exercise for 3 or more hours a week, compared to 1 per cent % of those with a poor cardiovascular health rating. 92% of top health scorers consider themselves moderately fit.

Exercise is vital to health and we all need the equivalent of 15 minutes exercise a day, or at least 30 minutes every other day. Do something that keeps you fit, strong and supple. For example, yoga plus jogging or cycling. Swimming is the best all round activity.

50% of the top health scorers do some form of vital-energy-generating exercise such as t’ai chi, qigong, yoga or meditation. We all need to regenerate our energy and exercises such as yoga and t’ai chi are designed to do just that. So too does time spent in nature and meditation. To be 100% healthy you need to build in these kind of activities into your daily life.


100% Health Survey results: Among the top health scorers 85 per cent % consider state of mind to be extremely important, 95 per cent % consider relationships to be very important, and 100 per cent % think that having a positive attitude is important for health.

Carrying emotional baggage is a major drain on your health, energy and spontaneity. There are specific techniques, explained in Patrick’s book, for identifying and letting go of negative emotions and learned negative patterns that have a habit of sabotaging our relationships. These skills aren’t taught in school but are vital for a healthy and happy life.


100% Health Survey results: 96 per cent % of top health scorers have a clear sense of purpose or direction in life. 81 per cent % consider themselves spiritual. If you don’t have a sense of purpose in your life ask yourself what you love doing or what makes you feel good? What are you good at? And what’s needed now in the world, in your community or family? Having a sense of purpose and a connection with spirit are two qualities that give us the larger context in which we live our lives with meaning, purpose and ‘connectedness’ with others, our family, community or environment. Patrick’s life changing ‘Seven Essentials for 100% Health’ workshop, is being presented in Newbury on 14th October and in London on 11th November. Come and find how you can transform your own health and build your own personalized action plan to get your health as close to 100% as possible. Please complete his online 100% Health Check before the workshop so you can track your improvement.

Take Karen S, for example. When she first completed her 100% Health Check she scored 36 per cent%. ‘ I thought I was a healthy person. It showed that I wasn’t’. Then she followed his advice and, two months later here’s what she said “.’ I feel absolutely fantastic. It’s changed my life. I feel better; I’ve got more energy. It’s amazing.’ Now she scores an incredible 86 per cent%.

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