This year’s Medical Journalist award winner…….

The co-author of 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing, Jerome Burne is this year’s Medical Journalist award winner for ‘medical science explained’.

This year’s Medical Journalist award winner… For ‘medical science explained’ is my co-author Jerome Burne. Jerome and I wrote Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs in 2009, which created quite a stir. We’ve just finished Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing. This book faces the reality of what happens to most people as they age, and how to reverse the trend and age well. The current ‘five a day’ policy means that by 65 most people are on five drugs – and the evidence is that this approach, to accumulate medication with each new health issue, makes matters worse not better. The older you get the less efficiently cells work, but you can stop this demise by increasing specific nutrients, and making specific lifestyle changes. The average European woman spends 9.8 years at the end of their life disabled. We think this can be reduced to less than 1 year, maybe even one month, and show you how. Learning how to age well is as essential a skill as learning how to cook, manage your money or garden. We want to redefine how the medical profession approaches ageing because the current approach is making matters worse not better. Twenty five years ago there were 700,000 over age 85. In twenty five year’s time than number will be 3.5 million. The cost of the current approach is untenable. The book comes out at the end of February in South Africa, where I’m heading next, then in the UK at the end of March. Click here to pre order your copy of The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing now. We’ll be on tour in April throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as Canada. Come and meet Jerome and I in the grand finale in London on 4th May. To see the tour dates and watch my video on healthy ageing click here.