Ten simple weight loss changes

A study of over 120,000 people followed up over 25 years has revealed ten simple predictors of whether or not you are likely to lose or gain weight.

This study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, tracked people every four years. The average weight gain was 3.35lbs in four years – that’s more than 2 stone (15kg) a decade!

POTATO CRISPS was the single biggest predictor of weight gain giving a 1.7lb weight gain every four years.

POTATOES were next at 1.3lbs.

SUGARED DRINKS was the third biggest promoter of weight, at 1lb.

MEAT both processed and unprocessed, was associated with a 0.9lb weight gain. So much for Atkins. That’s the bad news foods.

The good news foods were YOGHURT associated with a 0.8lb weight loss.

NUTS, despite being ‘high fat’ were associated with a 0.6lb weight loss

FRUITS gave a 0.5lb weight loss

WHOLE GRAINS gave a 0.4lb weight loss

VEGETABLES a 0.2lb weight loss.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY was linked to a 1.8lb weight loss between the highest and lowest fifth.

ALCOHOL was linked to a 0.4lb weight gain.

SLEEPING less than 6 hours or more than 8 hours was linked to weight gain

TV WATCHING was also linked to weight gain.

STOPPING SMOKING was linked to a 5lb weight gain!

So, now you know what to eat and how to live! Of course, all these findings are completely consistent with my Low Gl Diet principles which also emphasizes the importance of physical activity, reducing alcohol and getting a good night’s sleep.

Unlike the Food Standards’ Agency’s agenda to increase carbohydrates such potatoes, I encourage reducing carb quantities and increasing whole grains, raw nuts, seeds, vegetable and eating fruit, not drinking it!