A Successful first Hybrid Detox Retreat. Over 34kg lost. Here’s how.

June Retreat

We lost half a person in six days, over 5 stone, on this first ever Hybrid Retreat, applying the principles of the Hybrid Diet, with 5 days on a high fat, low carb diet, and the last 2 days on my low GL diet.

Inherent in the Hybrid Fast Detox Retreat is an 800 calorie diet for five days using specific foods and supplements that trigger the body’s own self-healing and cellular repair process called autophagy. Tina’s asthma almost disappeared, as did Emmanuel’s brain fog, going from 3/10 to 8/10. For the group overall energy went from 5/10 to 7.5/10. Many people reported better sleep, from 5.4/10 to 9.4/10 as a group average, and better mental health, memory and reduced anxiety, with the average score going from 3.8 to 7.8/10. Aches and pains also reduced dramatically for some people. Jodie found she could “move and walk more” and is on her way to being “pain free”.

Those are the actual results but what was really interesting is that the conventional lore is that sick and overweight people will take 3 to 14 days to get into ketosis and most will suffer ‘keto flu’ when making the transition. We measured both blood and breath ketones and glucose every day and, within 24 hours, everybody was in ketosis. By the end of five days the average glucose and ketones for the group were both 4mmol/l. What’s more no-one suffered either keto flu or had significant hunger. According to Lynn, who came from South Africa “You don’t feel like you’re being deprived in any shape or form and come away feeling a million bucks. This retreat has been absolutely incredible. Beautiful, beautiful countryside. I felt totally supported.”

The Hybrid Retreat included moderate exercise so as not to loss muscle mass but, in the last two days, we got to climb mountains, and mountains in the mind. Marcelle led coaching every day, on your health vision, how to overcome habits that don’t serve you, building you roadmap to success and finding your core values. Many people had life-changing realisations, such as Terry who discovered his core values. We also meditated led by Sally Kempton, learning Heartmath, chi generating exercises and other ways to build stress resilience and connect with spirit in the glorious Black Mountains on Wales and its wonderful sites.

In addition, we had Thai massages, Epsom salt hot baths, steam showers and delicious food and drinks.

Personally, I was testing a theory regarding, not only switching between high fat and slow carb, as explained in the book, but also switching on autophagy without the suffering that’s associated with fasting – and it worked.

What’s also amazing about these retreats is the wisdom of the group, made up of men and women from different lifestyles and parts of the world – France, Spain, South Africa, Ireland and the UK – but all with the shared goal of health transformation. Surjit, who lost 2.5kg, said “I feel lighter, and lighter in spirit. I have more energy. Prior this retreat I knew little about diet and nutrition. This retreat has given me the tools and information to go away and practically apply this to my life and family”.

Tina, faced with ever-worsening diabetes and asthma, turned her health around is convinced she can reverse her diabetes completely. She lost 7lbs and recorded blood sugar levels below 5 mmol/l and tremendous improvement in asthma, despite climbing mountains in top pollen season.

Frances, also faced with a downward spiral in health, and increasing weight, lost 7lbs and said “I am going away with all the tools to carry on” “I am turing my life around”

Here are a few comments to give you a taste of the experience of the Hybrid Fast Detox Retreat. You can watch the filmed testimonials shortly.

“I feel like I have been handed back the power and tools to manage my own health”

Audrey. H. London

“I now have the knowledge and tools to continue to improve my health to help me lose weight, gain energy and hopefully become pain free”

Jodie E. Fareham

“I would highly recommend this retreat, I am so pleased with the entire experience”

Lynda C. Fareham

“The variety and location of the retreat were very enjoyable, I had a wonderful time”

Robert G, Cardiff

“Patrick’s informative talks, Marcelle’s coaching, Jo’s delicious food, everything worked well!”

Rona W, Spain

“This is probably one of my top five investments that I have made in my life”

Surgit D. Upminster

“I feel clearer on my direction in life, I now know the correct way forward for me”

Terry W Reading

“The entire experience is rejuvenating and uplifting.” A fantastic retreat for any-one wanting to boost their vitality, gain focus and direction and just feel better!”

Lynn K South Africa