Nutritional Approaches to Long Covid


With Professor Shirley McIlvenny

This week I am joined by Professor Shirley McIlvenny, a doctor originally from Northern Ireland but now on the Gold Coast of Australia who works at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine and has been both a Professor of Family Medicine and Education.

She is an expert in post covid, or long covid and how to recover naturally. Dr Shirley has an excellent online programme to take you through the process of speeding up recovery from long covid which includes very informative webinars and an e-book.


If you sign up for the Long Covid – How to Recover Naturally Programme, please do use the code PH10. Dr Shirley will give you a 5% discount and kindly donate 10% of your course fee to help fund the VitC4Covid care home study. [No-one has ever measured what elderly people in care homes actually need in the way of vitamin C. With almost half of all covid deaths in the first wave being in care homes we have to find out. Grandparents lives matter].