Is personalised nutrition the key to losing weight?

Yesterday’s Daily Mail article and tonight’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor on BBC1, has created a hoohaa about personalised nutrition and how one food is good for one person and bad for another.

The study in question links this to different patterns of bacteria. Whether these different patterns of bacteria are the ‘cause’ of the differing responses to food or the consequence of differing diets is a moot point.

Some people responded more extremely to carbs, others were not good on wheat, milk or another food. None of this is really surprising.

One of the fundamental principles of ‘optimum nutrition’ is biochemical individuality, namely that we are all unique. Even if we were not we would become so depending on the ‘wobbles’ in each of the six fundamental processes of the body – digestion, glycation, methylation, oxidation and hydration.

For example, if you have insulin resistance and I do not, you’ll get a much bigger blood sugar spike after a carb meal.

If you are food intolerant to wheat, milk or tomatoes you are not going to lose weight on these foods.

If you inherit the gene variation (C677TT) for the MTHFR gene, which one in ten do, you’ll be prone to faulty methylation and need more B6, B12 and folate. Without enough of these, found in a varied diet including vegetables and animal produce, you probably won’t lose much weight either. And, if you don’t make enough stomach acid you won’t absorb the B12 so you’ll suffer even more.

These are basic things a nutritional therapist checks out for and they are all included in my 100% Health Check. If you want personalised nutrition I suggest you try the 100% Health Check or see a nutritional therapist (see BANT).