Overweight Means Underhealth

Being overweight, with more belly fat, is bad news for kids and adults, according to two new UK studies.

An analysis of 130,000 Biobank participants aged 60-69 showsthat being overweight and having more abdominal fat, determined by a higher Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR), increases mortality risk by 40%.

Other studies have found no or lower mortality risk, in the overweight category, drawing into question whether being overweight is such a bad thing.  This study also  found no extra risk if in the overweight
category. However, have a higher WHR increased 33%. The most risk occurred with people both overweight and with a higher WHR, meaning more abdominal fat. That’s why I use the WHR as one of the factors in my 100% Health Check that predicts your BioAge. Anyone can do the 100% Health Check and find out their BioAge, calculated from a number of known indicators of mortality risk.

What  about overweight kids? A study by researchers at the University of Surrey of 300,000 overweight children followed for 25 years finds that they have thicker arteries and more risk for diabetes and heart disease. According to the authors “The adverse effects of adult obesity are well known but what we have found is that obesity in childhood can cause lasting arterial damage which could potentially lead to life threatening illness. This is something that we need to address to protect adult health and reduce pressure on the NHS.”

The NHS costs £120 billion a year, most of which is spent on preventable diseases, and nearly none of which is spent preventing them. The NHS needs more intelligence much more than it needs more money. Read my blog ‘Five ways to save the NHS £6 billion’