My new podcast – Say no to cancer

In this, my 8th podcast, I explain the effect certain foods and lifestyle choices that could increase your risk of cancer. I explain about some of the foods and nutrients that could be beneficial in reducing your risk of cancer. I also give my opinion on some of the therapies (nutritional and otherwise). Click here to listen for free now!

The topic of cancer can be a scary one. Most of us have been affected by it, if not ourselves, through that a friend or a loved one. Well it’s time to face cancer head on. In this podcast I explain – The science behind what initiates a cell to change into a cancer cell. I outline the effects certain types of foods and environmental issues have on cancer, such as the effect of milk and of oestrogen. I summarise what homocysteine is and how it might predict your risk of cancer. Finally I provide an explanation of some of the therapies (nutritional and otherwise) that are having a great effect on fighting cancer in a person who has it, and I explain how eating a Low GL lifestyle is of great benefit in preventing cancer. Click here to listen to this free podcast now.