How two fat ladies lost 5 stone in 3 months.

Last October Ireland’s TV3 challenged me to help two overweight ladies lose a lot of weight in three months. Today, TV3 reveal the results of Una and Mary’s health transformation, following my low GL diet principles.

Mary, who weighed in at 17 stone 7lbs, has lost 2 stone 7 lbs (35lbs) and feels loads better. Her 100% health score has gone from 42% to 67% and she’s lost her craving for sweet food and the pain she experienced in her left foot. Una weighed in at 17 stone 3lbs and now weighs 14stone 11lbs. In truth she weighed less two weeks ago (14stone 7lbs) – having lost 2 stone and 10lbs (38lbs) but her mother passed away and she spent the next two weeks eating