Do you want your medical records sold?

medical record

Do you want your medical records sold? They will be on June 23rd unless you do something.

The UK’s NHS data alone has been valued at £10bn. And our GP data is the most detailed, valuable and sensitive of all. Now, British health secretary Matt Hancock has quietly announced a plan to take the GP records of everyone in England, and enter them all into one massive database.

He wants to make this data available to “third parties” – including private companies. This would mean incredibly sensitive data about all of us who use the NHS – including sexual health, mental health, criminal records – being pooled and shared.

The problem is, they have explained next to nothing about how these details will be used.

You might think this is a good thing. The Big Data Lab at Oxford University had a chance to look at all vitamin D levels of patients, and correlate with covid infection and severity, but didn’t, hasn’t and probably won’t. In other words, even the potentially good side of sharing data is only being used to prop up the current system of disease treatment with drugs/vaccines.

There are two things you need to do right now, before June 23rd.

  1. Fill in this form and send it to your GP so your records aren’t sold.
  2. Sign this petition to force legal pressure in the Government.