How to prevent, and reverse, failing eyesight.

If you are concerned about your failing eyesight, perhaps due to long sightedness, macular degeneration, glaucoma or cataracts read this month’s Special Report on eye health and nutrition and ask any questions you may have here.

Here’s your chance to ask questions and find answers about nutrition and eye health. Many nutrients are highly concentrated in the eye, including vitamin C, vitamin A and also the antioxidant lutein, found in greens. The blood supply to the eyes is very important and many of the same factors that lead to cardiovascular risk also worsen eye health. For example, losing blood sugar control ultimately leading to diabetes, is one of the major promoters of worsening eyesight. These are all topics I discuss in my Special Report on keeping your eyes healthy, researched by Lynn Alford-Burow, a nutritional therapist who has thoroughly researched this area.. If you’d like to ask a question please post a comment below.