Expect more vaccines

There’s big changes at Britain’s biggest drug company, GSK, as Sir Philip Hampton, formerly of RBS, steps in to ‘fix an ailing business’. The plan is to beef up vaccines while reducing GSK’s dependence on selling high-priced drugs to the developed world.

Many vaccines are good money but bad medicine. In the UK doctors are paid for every flu vaccine they give, hence the big autumn sale. Yet, this year’s flu vaccine had ‘low effectiveness’ according to Public Health England, preventing an estimated 3% of those vaccinated and infected from getting flu symptoms. But what about the downside? Last year there were 79 settlements in the US for damage, including one death, from the flu vaccine but you won’t hear about this from your GP, nor from the media. Why? Because mentioning vaccine damage is heresy.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick (author of the Great Cholesterol Con) says, in his new and excellent book called Doctoring the Data, “I am aware that to breathe the slightest possibility that vaccination may cause autism is the medical equivalent of blasphemy. To dare to do so, is to be cast into the ninth layer of medical hell. Yet, he writes, ‘no doctor in Britain is aware that a young girl called Hannah Polling in the USA was awarded massive damages for the finding that her autism was ‘caused’ by childhood vaccination. $13,000,000 in damages I believe.”

Yet, did you know that, in 1979, a vaccine damage act was passed in the UK, specifically to ‘provide for payments to be made out of public funds in cases where severe disablement occurs as a result of vaccination’. Germany has one too and German doctors have the best record of reporting adverse effects, says Kendrick, “between 1978 and 1993 approx. 13,500 cases of undesired effects resulting from vaccinations were reported. In 40% of cases the complication were severe, 10% pertained to fatalities”. That works out at 1,350 deaths, or 90 a year.

And not only is it heresy to mention vaccine damage in the medical world, but the media is shut down too. So you will not hear the truth about vaccines in the media or the medical journals. It’s the richest field for bad medicine.

Before you consider vaccinating your child do read my report – www.patrickholford.com/advice/vaccinations-what-every-parent-needs-to-know. Personally, I wouldn’t bother with a flu vaccine. Just take a gram of vitamin C every hour if you get the first symptoms of a cold or flu.