Eggs don’t increase heart disease – official!

It has eggsasperated me , and is eggsactly what I have been saying for decades because the research has always been eggstremely consistent that eating an egg every single day doesn’t raise risk for heart disease.

The danger of eggs was completely eggsagerated to support the myth that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease, which it isn’t, and we should therefore not eat cholesterol rich foods.

Now, a systematic review and meta-analysis has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to finally lay this old chestnut to rest. The researchers combined the data from ‘22 independent cohorts from 16 studies, including participants ranging in number from 1,600 to 90,735 and in follow-up time from 5.8 to 20.0 years.’ They compared those eating one egg a day on average, which is what I eat, with those in the lowest category, averaging one egg or less a week. There was no evidence of any increase in risk for overall heart disease, heart attack, stroke or death from heart disease. In fact, there was a slight decreased risk in all cases but it wasn’t statistically significant.

So let us eggscommunicate forever the eggceedingly inaccurate and unnecessary advice to avoid eating eggs to protect your heart.

However, there is one eggception. Eating lots of eggs may slightly increase diabetes risk. Why this might be the case is far from clear. I would suggest the toast, being high in fast-releasing carbohydrate, might be worse for you than the egg.

Eggs are a rich source of protein, B12 and choline, essential for the brain. Free range and/or organic are the best kind of eggs. If you feed chickens omega 3 rich seeds or fishmeal they will also contain significant omega 3 fats. However, these are destroyed by high heat, so better to eat poached, boiled or lightly scrambled, rather than fried to death.

P.S I do not receive any money from the egg marketing board although a donation would be greatly appreciated! I would donate it to charity, for eggample Food for the Brain, because that is what an egg is.