The Chemistry of Connection – 5 keys to happiness

This September I’m excited to publish my new book The Chemistry of Connection. You may wonder why I’m writing about something that is not solely based on nutrition but read on and you’ll find out that the meaning of life and exploration of happiness is something that I’ve always been fascinated by.

Before I became absorbed in the power of optimum nutrition, I studied as a psychologist and throughout the 40 years in which I set up the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, wrote numerous books on the subject of nutrition and established the Food for the Brain Foundation, I continued to wonder about the meaning of life.

What happens to happiness between the ages of 4 and 40?

During that time I have watched rates of depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia soar, as have more serious mental illnesses, to the point where the World Health Organisation say these problems are the single biggest threat to our health, more so than cancer or obesity. In sharp contrast I watch my four year-old granddaughter, Boudica, squirming with delight, full of wonder and joy (on a good day). What, I wonder, happens between age 4 and 40?

The Dalai Lama once said that all people have two fundamental desires: to be happy and to be free of pain. I propose that happiness is what happens when we connect with something, someone or ourselves.

What is it to be connected?

So I started exploring what it is to be connected. Some people are happy, truly happy, with very little. Their happiness isn’t seemingly dependent on stuff. It is an inner happiness. They glow and are not easily perturbed by the changing fortunes of life. That is what I am interested in, not only as a subject of enquiry, but for myself and for everyone. It is through connection that we have the greatest opportunity to resolve personal conflicts, enjoy a fulfilling life and create a global society that works.

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In my new book, The Chemistry of Connection I explore the five keys of connection which I believe will help you feel fully alive and awake, connected on all levels and living a purposeful life. Order your copy here. 

I am also running The Five Keys of Connection Seminars throughout the UK and Ireland and The Power of Connection Workshops, this Autumn. Tickets are available to book now.

Find out more about what it is to be connected here.