Vitamin K: The Forgotten Vitamin

  • 2 Jul 2012
  • Reading time 6 mins
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Vitamin K is vital for bone health, heart health, cancer and more. It is not a single nutrient but a family of related vitamins. One member of the family was misunderstood for decades due to a case of mistaken identity. New research is finally bringing to light the life-saving importance of adequate intake of this particular form of vitamin K.

Major benefits of vitamin K2

  • Osteoporosis prevention and treatment – Vitamin K2 activates a protein called osteocalcin that directs calcium into bones and teeth. Vitamin K2, in conjunction with vitamin D, has been shown to boost bone density far better than either nutrient alone. Perhaps more importantly, K2 has been shown to reduce fracture risk and improve bone health above and beyond bone mineral density. [2]
  • Heart disease prevention and reversal – Vitamin K2 intake is inversely associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality while Vitamin K1 intake shows no correlation. [3] Animal studies show a reduction of up to 50% of atherosclerotic calcifications in only six weeks with vitamin K2 supplementation. [4] Results from the largest and most definitive human clinical trials will be released in June 2012. Vitamin K2 prevents and reverses heart disease by activating a protein called MGP, that essentially removes calcium deposits from arteries and other soft tissues where the mineral accumulates causing harm.
  • Cancer protection – Vitamin K2 regulates a third protein that governs cellular growth. That makes this nutrient a potent inhibitor of cancer, especially lung and prostate – the two big cancer killers of men – but also breast cancer, liver cancer and leukemia. [5]

Other health benefits of vitamin K2
If osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer prevent aren’t enough, there are many other condition associated with K2 deficiency and documented health benefits of optimal K2 intake. These include improving insulin sensitivity for diabetics, preventing brain damage in conditions like stroke, preventing kidney disease and boosting male fertility.

Who benefits from vitamin K2?
The benefits of vitamin K2 extend throughout life. Vitamin K2 is as important as folic acid for pregnant women and their growing babies. In the first trimester the nutrient is essential for the development of primary teeth and healthy facial structure; in the second trimester the formation of adult teeth and skeleton require K2.[6]

Children and adolescents have especially high requirement for this nutrient because of their growing bodies, where K2 promotes healthy teeth and bones. [7] Vitamin K2 has been shown to counteract the negative changes in bone density seen in menopausal women, [8] and both men and women over 50 show high levels of vitamin K2 deficiency, accelerating the rate of bone loss and vascular ......

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