Vitamin C – The Infection Fighter

The true power of vitamin C as an infection fighter is vastly under-appreciated. Dr Thomas Levy explains the true proven power of vitamin C.

PH: For which infectious diseases has vitamin C been proven to both cure and prevent, if given in sufficient amounts

TL: In the medical literature, more than enough evidence and data has been published to conclude that vitamin C, administered properly, has cured and can continue to cure acute viral hepatitis, measles, mumps, viral encephalitis, chickenpox and herpes infections, viral pneumonia, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, streptococcal infections, pseudomonas infections and staphylococcal infections.

Prevention against the contraction of these infections and other infections involves the daily dosing of lower amounts of vitamin C than the amounts needed to cure a given infection. This prevention can almost always be overwhelmed, however, when a large enough acute exposure of an infectious agent is encountered.

PH: Let’s take a look at mumps, for example, which is very much in the news as more parents choose not to have their children given the MMR vaccination. What would you recommend?

TL: This is a subject of great controversy. In general, I am opposed to vaccinations, since it is clear to me that the proper use of vitamin C can easily cope with the many different agents for which vaccination is offered. However, having a good specific, antibody-armed immune system is desirable as well. Therefore, when the vaccine is preservative-free (particularly from methylmercury in the form of thimerosol), the child is old enough to have a reasonably mature immune system (2 years or older), and the child is not acutely ill and has not recently been ill, then immunisation may be of benefit. However, before the vaccination, I would give the child a gram of vitamin C a day per year of life (2 grams or more) for at least a week before the vaccination and continuing for at least a week after the vaccination. This has the effect of protecting against any acute toxic insults associated with the vaccination, while maximizing the vitamin C-augmented antibody response to the vaccine.

PH: How strong is the scientific evidence to support what you are saying and why is this evidence not being acted on

TL: The scientific evidence is very strong. I can only speculate as to why it seems to be ignored, but the entire medical system worldwide is based on doctors regarding very specific and limited sources of information as being the only reliable sources of medical information. Insurance companies generally only cover mainstream treatments. A great deal of money is spent, directly and indirectly, to convince doctors and the public that anything not learned directly in medical school or later provided through very specific channels is simply not to be trusted, much less even properly evaluated.

PH: If a person, or child, contracts any of these diseases, how does one know how much vitamin C to take?

TL: As Dr Klenner repeatedly described in his many papers, vitamin C must continue to be administered in appropriately high doses until a positive clinical response is seen, and then lower doses can be given. In other words, Dr Klenner would use whatever dose necessary to see a positive clinical response. This meant anything from 35 to 65 grams for a first dose, given intravenously. In terms of oral supplementation, take as much as you can tolerate, starting with 2 or 3 grams every three to four hours.

PH: Is there any danger in taking these kinds of amounts?

TL: Unless you are a patient with advanced renal failure, the answer appears to be no. In fact, very large studies have clearly defined that vitamin C not only does not cause kidney stones in patients with normal kidney function, it will often help to dissolve stones...

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