Say No to Arthritis

  • 30 Jan 2012
  • Reading time 10 mins
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You don’t have to suffer with joint pain or degeneration with the right nutritional support.

Step 1 : Reduce Inflammation

Reversing arthritis is a two-step dance. First you have to deal with what is contributing to your problem, while simultaneously reducing inflammation naturally, because inflammation not only causes you pain but continues to damage the joint. Then you rebuild the joint.

Here are four common contributors

    1. Overweight, injury and bad posture
      You can put undue stress on your joints if you spend too much time sitting, have bad posture, put your back out of alignment, or you are overweight. It’s a vicious circle because once you develop aching joints you don’t want to exercise, and then weight gain is just around the corner. Some experts estimate that every single pound of weight loss lessens the amount of pressure exerted on the knee joints by three to five pounds. My low GL diet really works to help shed those pounds.
    2. Hidden Food Allergy
      Sometimes inflammation happens because you are eating something you’re allergic to. Most painkillers damage the gut, making it more permeable, which increases your risk of allergy. Some people benefit tremendously from testing then avoiding identified food allergens.

      John is a case in point – he developed arthritis at the age of 23. When he turned 40, he couldn’t sleep at night from the pain and had to go upstairs on hands and knees. Walking just 100 metres was painful. Then John heard about food allergy testing. Although his doctor actively discouraged it, saying that there was “absolutely no clinical evidence” that altering diet would improve such a condition, John went ahead and discovered he was allergic to three different foods. He cut them all out. Here’s what he told me: “Life is now pain and tablet-free and I have complete mobility. I am amazed at the difference in my quality of life simply by making such simple adjustments.” John reacted to red kidney beans. Some people react to wheat or milk, others to vegetables in the nightshade family (aubergine, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers). It’s worth being tested to find out -  The full content of this report is only viewable by 100% Health Club members.

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