How Vitamin C Helped Cogi People in Colombia

A few months ago, I went to Colombia to visit the indigenous Cogi tribe who live high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which they consider the heart of Mother Earth, and avoided the Spanish invasion. Their gene pool and traditions remain intact. Each village, only accessible by foot or mule, has a shaman or Mamu, trained to ‘divine’ the correct course of action with a higher mission to protect the Earth.

I interviewed the Mamu Augustin about their relationship to the Earth, the Mother, and asked them where we in the West went wrong, as we now face global crises of global warming, plundering of resources, food shortages, pollution and over-population. He said that we in the West are taught that consciousness is only in the animate, not in the inanimate, but there is memory in stones and water, which are important elements in their divining. Also, all exchanges require ‘pagamente’ – payments, but not of money. We in the West exploited the Earth, taking oil and coal, for example. ‘This is the liver of the Earth?” he told me – there will be consequences. To thank the Earth and maintain the balance such shamans had placed various sacred ornamental objects, many made of gold, in key energy hotspots which the Spanish dug up, melted and sold.

They asked me what I had to give them as ‘pagamento’. I said I wanted to teach them something very helpful for covid, but also any infectious disease, and that is about vitamin C. I had heard that one of their Mamus had died from covid so they were nervous about interaction with tourists.

At that time they were very worried about an outbreak of a disease, with coughing as the main symptom, in one of their remote villages. Twenty infants had died and others were very weak. I explained how high dose vitamin C can shorten duration of almost any infection and gave them a supply of my High Potency Vitamin C powder which was sent by mule up to the remote village. A few days later we saw a medical report that identified the presence of pertussis, that is whooping cough, in the children. Living so closely together the whooping cough outbreak had spread rapidly. The following week they told me “I want to tell you that we try the vitamin you left with some kids and it works great! They recover very fast. We are not sure if it was whooping cough, but they started with fever and other symptoms, but they recovered very fast with the vitamin C treatment.”

You are welcome to listen to an extract from my meeting with the Mamu Augustin in a short recording. Most is in Spanish as my interpreter, Alexis, asked them my questions, and translated them in English, so you’ll hear four voices – mine, that of my wife Gaby, that of Alexis and the Cogi Mamu Augustin. To hear the conversation, please email for the recording.

The Mamu carries a Poporo, a living ‘gourd’ that contains powdered lime, made from crushed sea shells they collect from the Caribbean coast, providing an alkalising agent which they extract with a stick which is used to wipe the lime on to a wad of coca leaves in their cheeks, activating the coca leaves that they chew throughout the day.

There’s an excellent documentary film, commissioned by the BBC, on the Cogi called Aluna.  Aluna means conscience and the film is about a journey to save the world. The documentary also confirms that their understanding of astrology, including things that cannot be seen by the naked eye, turns out to be true.

Further Information

Supplements containing Vitamin C mentioned in this report, can be found on the HOLFORDirect website.