Get Fit with a fat burning exercise routine

If you’ve read my new book Burn Fat Fast you’ll know that I’ve been working with record-breaking athlete and former Gladiator (Zodiac) Kate Staples. Kate has devised a brilliant exercise system to encourage fat burning, based on three 30 minute aerobic sessions a week and three 8 minute strength or resistance sessions. These consist of 4 exercises you do for a minute each, repeating each exercise twice. There are different types of exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced. You can see a film on each of these exercises at and a film from Kate on YouTube.

Kate also recommends adding in High Intensity Interval Training for accelerating fat burning. Here’s what she says:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works on the basis of short intense periods of exercise alternated with brief gentle to moderate activity and then back to intense again in a 2:1 recovery to work ratio. So in running terms this can translate to 30-40 seconds of sprinting, followed by 60-80 seconds of jogging or walking before the sprint phase again. Of course the levels of intensity are always relative to and dependent on the fitness and performance capacity of the individual.

This form of training can be applied to aerobic exercises such as running or cycling, weight training protocols such as squatting or benching or a combination of aerobic and anaerobic pursuits. The principal of going hard for a short period and then easing off before going hard again has been shown to bring significant increases in metabolic rate and greatly improved fat burning capacity, whilst toning, shaping and strengthening the body. It also helps reverse insulin resistance. Study after study on members of the public and in sports from track and field athletics to speed skating have shown significant aerobic and power increases and performance benefits. And in terms of time input people following this regimen have often attained the same benefits as others on the longer duration exercise programmes but in two thirds the time.

Much of the benefit is HIIT results lie in the post exercise energy expenditure period and fat utilisation. Studies show this is greater than that achieved with longer low to moderate exercise. Also HIIT has been shown to be effective in suppressing appetite and reducing saturated fat intake.

Working closely with Patrick Holford, I have devised an HIIT programme to accompany his Alternate Day Low GL Diet in a book, Burn Fat Fast, which is the basis for an exciting, proven, results based new exercise and eating plan.

Over six consecutive days, you do a simple ‘strength’ or resistance workout out for only eight minutes one day, followed by 30 minutes of ‘cardio’ or aerobic activity the next day into which you can build the HIIT principles. You want to clock up three strength sessions and three cardio sessions a week. This plan has delivered superb transformations in people and the time input required makes it ideal for even those with the busiest home and workplace lifestyles.

By mixing strength work with aerobic exercise in these blocks, the whole body is fired into action and becomes a superb fat burning machine whilst it shapes up, becomes stronger and increases endurance.

Of course you need a grounding in exercise and a base level of reasonable fitness before embarking on this type of training. If you don’t have that then HIIT is definitely something to work towards but not the place to start out.

Kate Staples also runs fitness camps in different parts of the UK and Ireland. For more details see