Covid News – the grand finale

The nation has passed the peak of Omicron, with falling cases and hospital admissions, says UK prime Minister. The Intensive Care National Audit have stopped their weekly reports. Masks are off and all restrictions are being phased out. Is the pandemic really over? “Omicron is the vaccine we failed to make” tweeted a Ugandan doctor, as this variant seems to have dominated and eliminated previous ones. This pattern of two seasons for a flu-like virus is quite usual. As I said in October there would be no third wave, but there would be a third wave of bullshit.

Wind back two years and, if you’ve been following my covid reports, you’ll know that I also predicted that a nutrition-based strategy with high dose vitamin C at the core, would likely be sufficient to prevent critical illness and death from covid and that natural immunity would almost certainly prove better than vaccinated immunity. I was and still am ‘vaccine hesitant’, originally for two reasons. Firstly, I thought they’d likely prove to be max 50% effective and not last so long, especially against new variants, in line with what we know about flu vaccines. This has turned out to be true. But my main point of hesitancy was regarding safety since it takes time to establish safety both with passive post surveillance (via MHRA yellow cards in the UK and VAERS in the US) and studies. I was, and still am hesitant about mRNA vaccines as a new and as yet unproven to be safe technology.

Covid Vaccine Policy and Big Pharma

Anyone who has spent decades deep in the field of health and research knows how dirty it is and thus, with so much money at stake, we could expect to see the same deceptions, hiding downsides and exaggerating benefits, which is exactly what has occurred. Jerome Burne and I laid this out in Part 1 of our book Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs. However, the depth of the dirt we exposed fades into insignificance if you read the extraordinarily detailed book by health advocate Robert Kennedy and director of Children’s Health Defence, entitled ‘The Real Anthony Fauci – Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Here you get to meet the key characters who have been driving covid vaccine policy, running the research budgets of major institutions such as the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the US, testing drugs and vaccines on tiny orphan children, cannulas stuck in the bellies of those who refused to swallow the highly toxic experimental drugs that were making them sick, killing some of them, evidence of mass graves. I mean you couldn’t make this up. Yet, despite literally hundreds of potential libels in the book yet no-one is suing the advocate Robert Kennedy. It’s a ‘must read’ for anyone who lives in the illusion that our Governments know best regarding health policy and have only our best interests at heart.

It is sadly ironical to see that most of the wild conspiracy theories thrown out of court at the start of the pandemic, that research on altered human coronaviruses had been going on in Wuhan, funded by the US, and the virus had escaped, is now understood to be what happened, and was known about back in February 2020 by key players such as Anthony Fauci and Dr Francis Collins from the NIH, the main players behind the the US immune disease strategy, and Sir Jeremy Farrer director of the Wellcome Trust in the UK, as reported in the New York Times and Telegraph[I].

Natural Immunity is Better and Lasts Longer

It is now extremely well established that natural immunity is at least as effective as being double jabbed, and lasts longer. I should reference the evidence for this but John Campbell presents the science so well, beyond any shadow of a doubt, in his recent you tube posting at for those who want to see the details. In practical terms what this means is that, if you’ve had covid and got over it there really is no point in having a booster. Yet, despite this, the drive to get everyone boosted still continues. One third of people haven’t bothered which is telling.

Some countries, for example Switzerland, have changed ‘entry’ criteria to give equal status to having had a positive PCR test compared to double vaccinated. This is completely consistent with the evidence.

Cardiomyopathy is an Adverse Effect of Vaccination

The rhetoric that the vaccines are safe no longer holds water. There are now well established dangers from the covid vaccines, especially mRNA vaccines, and I find it horrific that these are being offered in the UK to children despite assurances that there was absolutely no need at all due to the incredibly low risk of covid disability or death. And that was before Omicron.

Only last week, pathologists confirmed vaccine-induced death of two teenagers, uninfected by covid, within days of receiving Pfizer vaccination.[ii] This was published on Valentines Day in the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine[iii], entitled “Autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac Findings in Two Adolescents Following the Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose,”. They report a type of cardiomyopathy that is not seen from covid-19 infection. But these two deaths are only a tip of what is clearly a much larger iceberg as agencies around the world are reporting significant numbers of cases in young people, especially boys and young men, of cardiomyopathy after vaccination. I’ve posted about this so won’t repeat the details here but there is no reasonable case to deny that this is happening and is therefore it represents a real risk not worth taking in young people, especially at this point in the fading pandemic.

The Clots Thicken

Most concerning is whether abnormal clotting continues post vaccination and whether this will lead to increase in related cardiovascular deaths. While there are more reports coming out of micro clots, which could occur either from vaccination or covid-19 infection, funeral embalmers are reporting abnormal and large enough clots to interfere with their embalming process which requires draining the arterial system of blood. So, something pathologically strange is clearly going on I relation to multiple mRNA vaccines. This topic is unresolved and illustrates why I was and remain hesitant. The majority who have been vaccinated are probably absolutely fine. My doctor friends who had to be due to the nature of their work loaded up on vitamin C, D and took low dose aspirin to inhibit clotting.

Over a Million with Long Covid

While there remains an official 1.2 million people in the UK with long covid how many have had persistent health issues post vaccination, or may have unseen and unfelt clots that could lead to future events? We are unlikely to ever know although longer term patterns of cardiovascular deaths, both in the vaccinated and infected might give us an idea. Read my recent post covered the topic of how to shorten long covid if you know anyone still suffering.

Continued Suppression of Vitamin C and D for Viral Diseases

As you know I’ve kept hammering against the stone wall of the medical establishment regarding vitamin C, while former NHS consultant Dr David Grimes has done the same regarding vitamin D. His research has made it abundantly clear that we need circa 3,000ius (75mcg) a day during winter and/or a pandemic[iv], not the RDA of 400ius (10mcg). Numerous barriers were placed in our way starting with ‘no studies on covid itself’, despite hundreds of studies on similar viruses, to ‘no placebo controlled studies’ despite drugs being adopted without placebo-controlled trials.

Now we have placebo-controlled trials of vitamin C specifically on covid, the latest barriers are that trials aren’t big enough (yet statistically significant), doses are variable (that’s how you find out what dose is most effective), no pre and post vitamin C levels were taken (so what?) –  you realise the bar required for adopting any non-patiented vitamin will just keep being raised far above that required for patented and profitable drugs. You have to conclude that these agencies are part of a cartel.

The only barrier left was the apparent need for larger trials such as REMAP-CAP. This was the medical stonewallers fallback position. This was a ‘multi-armed’ drug trial assigning critical covid patients to receive ‘standard treatment’ with or without an experimental drug, vitamin C being one of them. Although it officially started enrolment in June 2020, with various drug arms proceeding, the vitamin C arm was delayed until last Autumn due to an apparent ‘lack of supplies’. They must be relieved that  REMAP-CAP has managed to avoid treating enough people to show anything yet. Now, with so few critical covid patients will anything be shown in this rather poorly designed, not placebo-controlled trial, giving critically ill covid patients vitamin C for only 4 days?

The Next Pandemic

When the next pandemic strikes there will, at least, be dozens of effective trials for vitamins against covid on record. One desperately hopes that somewhere in the bastions of the medical establishment, represented by the National Institutes of Clinical Excellence (NICE), the NHS and Public Health England, there might be scientists or brave politicians who are not in the pocket of big pharma and care enough about people to advise them what to do regarding vitamin C and D next time around. I wouldn’t bet on it.

At least, the public have become much more aware of the role these vitamins, and other natural remedies, play in combatting viral disease.

Picking Up the Pieces

One wonders whether anyone will be held accountable for the gross incompetence resulting in unnecessary deaths as a direct result of ignoring these simple and safe ways to strengthen immunity?  Will anyone pay out for the vaccine associated deaths and disabilities incurred by the unfortunate few? Will Novak the unvaccinated be allowed to play in the French Open?

These questions remain to be answered.