Covid News December 2021

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  • Why Are Non-Patented Treatments For Covid-19 Being Ignored?
  • Why Boosters May Not Effectively Protect You From New Variants
  • Are Vaccines The New Currency?

In this issue I’ll be looking at some the latest findings from the Government’s commissioned research on vaccine effectiveness, but also the growing body of evidence for complementary approaches, but most of all the culture around both of these. I’d like to emphasize that I am not ‘anti-vax’ but vaccine hesitant. I thought it would take ‘two waves’ to be able to a) truly assess the scale of vaccine effectiveness and b) adverse effects, not only those that are relatively immediate, as in within 2 weeks of a jab, but also the knock on effect on immunity on re-infection. That more ‘long term’ data is only now starting to come in. These, of course, affect the balance of evidence regarding suggested strategies going forward.


The only way the current SARS CoV2 vaccines can be used is under Emergency Use legislation. But this is dependent on there not being ANY OTHER WAY of treating the disease. That may be the reason why the vaccine rollout is legally dependent on NOT recognising the growing mountain of evidence for vitamin C, D, zinc, Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or any other potential remedy for COVID-19. The suppression of these viable alternatives is catalogued in detail in Robert Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

This would mean that our agencies for public health promotion such as Public Health England and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and its RAPID-C19 group who advise doctors, may be commanded not to progress any positive review of these alternatives, and keep quiet under all costs. Without emergency use, allowance of vaccines would have to go through the normal and necessary process for establishing safety before release.

When one realises that these are still experimental vaccines, as yet unlicensed due to no completion of the required safety checks; that there are NO studies or evidence to date on so-called ‘boosters’ or third doses; and that all these are being proposed to be extended to vaccinating children for whom the risk/benefit equation just doesn’t add up; and then talk of, and maybe even mandating these vaccines, it is not difficult to reach the conclusion that there has been a coup d’etat of government by pharma interests.

A simple example of this is the publication of the first Randomised Placebo Controlled trial (RCT) of vitamin C showing 70% less mortality in critically ill people1, sent to all government agencies who confirmed receipt on January 12th, while claiming to review all new studies weekly yet, by November 11th, had still failed to include this study in their paltry list of one RCT and one retrospective cohort trial reviewed, when there are six RCTs and seven prospective trials2. The fact that these other studies exist was made obvious by’s published review, sent to all agencies on November 1st, with acknowledged receipt. Hundreds of people have written to their MPs, as have I, as well as to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid MP, who, like most MPs, have not responded.

Public Health England will probably sidestep the issue by claiming they are only about ‘prevention’ and these trials are ‘treating’ symptoms of COVID-19 therefore only RAPID C-19 can review the studies mentioned above. They will claim that, even if beneficial effects occurred they could not announce that the public should take vitamin C when infected because that would admit that vitamin C was a medicine that could treat or prevent a disease. The whole protection racket that the pharma industry hinges on – the Medicines Act of 1968 – and variations ever since now entwined in an EU Directive and associated regulations3, prohibits unlicenced medicines such as vitamin C, from being recommended.

Any non-patentable vitamin, if established as a medicine, can be banned unless someone forks up the £millions needed to get a licence. Without a patent, giving 20 years ‘monopoly’, anyone who put up this money, could not get it back because anyone can buy anyone’s vitamin C with the generic nature of it keeping prices low.

It appears that protecting big pharma’s interests in this pandemic is a higher priority by our Government and agencies than saving lives.

Until this mafia-like control is broken I suspect that, whatever evidence is available from top level clinical trials, this will be denied, watered down, inaccurately critiqued and ultimately suppressed, if necessary by funding studies designed to fail, to make sure there are no alternatives to vaccines and these new antiviral drugs that major players, from Gates and Google, have vested interests in. I wonder if anyone in Government is profiting from these, and how. If you think this line of thinking is ‘conspiratorial’ please first read (on kindle) or listen to(on Audible) Robert Kennedy’s book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’ (the advocate for Children’s Health Defense) in which you’ll hear about the key players in the UK pulling the strings. It is shocking.


Those who read my April COVID NEWS entitled ‘The Elephant in the Room’ will know that the worst case scenario is that vaccination will drive the virus to mutate to vaccine resistant strains and the best case scenario would be that, by developing new vaccines for new variants, the virus would eventually run out of options.

The ‘boosters’ or ‘third dose’ have not been re-developed to be more effective against delta, nor the new African ‘omicron’ strain, so the virus is ahead, as in the worst case scenario.

The mRNA vaccines, especially, are so narrow in their effect, just hoping for antibody immunity against one inserted spike protein. Unlike natural immunity, where the immune system logs many attributes of a corona virus and hence is much more likely to still spot some shared characteristic of a variant, that current boosters are likely to be less effective against new variants including omicron and delta, the prevalent strain, hence the scramble to produce newer versions of the vaccines.

But don’t forget that the first response against a virus is the body’s natural innate immune response which is so critically dependent on vitamin C, D and zinc. Such an approach is not variant specific.

Most vaccines are one or two shots then over. The idea of a covid vaccine that you have every six months, perhaps with annual variations like the flu shot is, of course, good business.

With no trials published on third or booster shots those having boosters are entering an uncontrolled experiment. If/when boosters are adjusted to help target new strains the same applies. One of the main arguments for COVID-19 vaccine boosters has been their short-lived effectiveness, based on observations that vaccine-triggered anti–SARS-CoV-2 antibodiies wane after a few months. So this so-called ‘booster’, currently on offer is identical to jab 1 and 2. So is really jab 3. Will there be a need for jab 4 and ungoing boosters?. “The bottom line is that we don’t know,” said Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in a recent interview. “My feeling is what happens in the next 8 to 10 months is going to be very telling.” That’s as good as it gets from the US’s most notorious vaccine promoter. If anyone tells you otherwise they’re probably making it up.

What is particularly worrying about this scenario is the apparent increase in adverse effects with each successive vaccination. We are in unknown territory.

Meanwhile, both Moderna and Novavax are working on a patented combo of the flu shot with covid add on. You can see where this could be going – an annual mandatory flu + covid vaccine. The billboard ads headed ‘boost your immunity this winter’ with the flu vaccine plus covid jab could be a warm up for an annual occurrence.

Whether it is good medicine time will tell. Last year’s flu jab was 29% effective, ranging from 37% effective in the age group of 2-17 and 26% in the over 65’s. However, two studies, reported in the British Medical Journalshowed that ‘the vaccine increased the [following year’s] risk of virus-associated acute respiratory illness, including influenza, by 73%’. The second paper reads ‘flu shots increased the risk of noninfluenza viral acute respiratory infections fivefold and, including influenza, tripled the overall viral acute respiratory infection risk’ including coronaviruses!

A similar anomaly, as yet unexplained or factored in, is why the rate of infection (positive PCR test) is 1.6 times as high in adults (18+), and twice as high in the age group of 40-69,  in the double-vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated, according to an analysis by the UK Health Security Agency5(see chart below).

The same analysis shows that unvaccinated adults are three times more likely to die within 28 days of a positive covid test. But these are relative risks. The absolute risk of mortality of an unvaccinated person dying on covid is 1 in 2,770 while the risk for a vaccinated person dying is 1 in 8,510. Put in another way, if vaccinated you’re 99.99% unlikely to die from covid, while if you’re unvaccinated you’re 99.96% unlikely to die.In reality, if you’re healthy and have a good vitamin D and C intake your risk, vaccinated or not, is minimal.

However, you need to bear in mind that a vaccinated person is 1.6 times, more likely to become infected (twice as likely in the age group 40-69). Should those also flu jabbed further increase their risk the apparent benefit of vaccination is likely to further reduce. However, if a high percentage of those already double vaxxed were flu jabbed than might already be contributing to the increased rate of infection on the vaccinated.

However, none of this takes into account increased risk for either vaccine-induced deaths or potential future deaths from, for example, cardiovascular disease. A study just out in Circulation6, the leading cardiology journal, has found that, in a group of 556 aged 28 to 97 people studied, the risk for ‘acute coronary syndrome’ went up from 11% to 25% post vaccination and persisted for at least 2.5 months from second vaccine dose. These results were described by Dr Aseem Malhotra, an NHS consultant cardiologist as “Extraordinary, disturbing, upsetting. We now have evidence of a plausible biological mechanism of how mRNA vaccine may be contributing to increased cardiac events. The abstract is published in the highest impact cardiology journal so we must take these findings very seriously.” The study continues.

Just throwing more boosters at more people is beyond the bounds of science. On the other hand, increasing everyone’s vitamin D status, and recommending high dose vitamin C upon infection, is scientifically a lot more credible.


Much like money was the thing we were told we need to buy all the things we don’t really need but want partly because everyone else does, vaccines are the new money.

People became enslaved to the money lords, the bankers, through debt, primarily mortgage debt. Now biotech, working with big tech, the bankers and governments, whom they control, has entered into a crippling ‘debt’ on our behalf buying a product with a massive margin on the basis that we have to have it, and keep having it. We, the public, whose taxes were used to fund the vaccines, will then be taxed to pay back the debt, thus re-enforcing debt slavery. Since the ‘vaccine’ machine is controlled by biotech, owned by big money, promoted by big tech and media and legislated by a seemingly global government agenda, ruled by people groomed and rewarded by the corrupt system, most of the public are fooled, fueled by the best sell of all, avoiding death. Biotech are gaining power by providing us with saviour from death from a virus they created and, who knows, might even have released on humanity.

How many ‘conspiracies’ like the Wuhan ‘gain of function’ research, funded by Fauci’s grant sources, have turned out to actually be true? (Read ‘The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health‘ by Robert Kennedy – shocking.)

Could it be that we are witnessing one of the biggest and most brilliant sells of all times? Like a Hollywood thriller the coronavirus is portrayed as the perfect ‘bad guy’ and biotech’s vaccine the ‘good guy’ funded by our caring governments, guided by billionaire altruists like Gates. They save the day and we all live happily ever after, except the gap between rich and poor gets wider, and a few million die from the fallout, like civilian casualties, but that’s the price of war. And just when you thought the war was over along comes the next scarient, Omicron, and it all starts all over again.

Consider another scenario where the virus is not pitched as a villain but an opportunist. Viruses have always existed. We have approximately 4,000 inside us at all times. Our immune systems are designed to resist viruses, but their ability to do so is very dependent on the strength of the host which is considerably dependent on factors such as nutrient levels. This is why Louis Pasteur said, apparently on his death bed, words to the effect that the strength of the host was more important than the infectious agent. Viruses are, however, our human weakness, both because all primates have lost the ability to make vitamin C and because the wealthy went north or south from the equator to rainier climes for better crops, unfortunately losing vitamin D production for half the year. Taking high dose vitamin C is simply mimicking what every animal that makes vitamin C does during a viral infection. The problem with this scenario is that it doesn’t make money.

But just imagine if the state really was for the people, and could distribute something cheap like vitamin C (as they did in Wuhan in February 2020) and D, but not for obscene profits. Not behind a cloak of biotech secrecy, not link to shares for the finance industry to profit from, not needing litigation protection, not allowing governments a priest-like control as the only means to our liberation with vaccine passports and mandated medication, much like George Orwell’s soma.

But surely mere vitamins couldn‘t work as well as vaccines? How sure are you about that? Hundreds of studies suggest otherwise. If 500 people had Covid do you think, if they were treated with vitamin C and D that could save 1 life, 5 or 10 lives? Take a guess. What do you think? If vitamins did save one life in 500 infected people that’s all it takes to surpass the efficacy of vaccines. At a fraction of the cost as has been shown in Uttar Pradesh7 where vitamin D and C tablets are given to infected people.

Did it not even register in your thought process that the market leader, Pfizer, a multiple offender, fined $2.3 billion dollars for giving kickbacks and exaggerating benefits of drugs might be doing the same thing again? A whistleblower report, published in the British Medical Journal. from a researcher involved in their main trial reveals serious data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial that were reported to the FDA but side-lined. This is in addition to the revelation in July in Pfizer’s own data of more adverse effects and deaths in the vaccinated group that originally reported. This doesn’t mean the positive results were not valid, but it does mean they were exaggerated and the downsides downplayed. This is very common when drug companies run trials on their own drugs. That is why the medical science community always wait before passing judgement on a new treatment until the results of a trial are replicated by researchers who are not the owners of the drug.

At the very least, re-analysis of the data of a trial such as Pfizer’s is a pre-requisite for confidence re scientific integrity, but that requires the company’s willingness, or the drug safety officer (FDA in  the US or MHRA in the UK)  disclosing the raw results data of the trial, none of which as been forthcoming despite numerous Freedom of Information Act requests from genuine researchers. This lack of transparency adds to suspicion. As one designer of trials for big pharma told me “We never run trials that can fail. We always make sure they’ll give us the desired outcome. Too much money is at stake.”

Covid vaccine sales run into hundreds of $billions generating more than enough cash to buy politicians and incentivise and manipulate regulators. Have you ever heard of governments funding drug research, guaranteeing legal indemnity and doing all your marketing, and still paying £millions for your drug? What buys that kind of relationship?

Next it’ll be vaccines for cancer, Alzheimer’s even anti-ageing. This is the gravy train that all the big techs, from military to money, are colluding with, to control, divide, conquer and exploit unless you wake up and say no to this global coup d’etat. That’s all it ever takes.


Do watch the film This Pivotal Moment about vaccine passports and infringements on civil liberty. For me, the biggest issue is whether the state has the right to inject something that, although arguably beneficial, could be harmful or even kill me.

This film is especially pertinent when Germany is to ban unvaccinated people from shops and bars, Greece is imposing monthly fines on those unvaccinated, Austria has locked the unvaccinated down and the EU president is proposing mandatory vaccines. Wales are considering vaccine passports and Northern Ireland is set to hold a vote on Covid passports within days… so the time to act is now.

Read This Pivotal Moment blog and to watch film.


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