12 Keys to ‘unaddicting’ your brain

  • 17 Jul 2013
  • Reading time 6 mins
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It is important to remember that there is no ‘1 key’ solution to addiction. If you have been using addictive substances for many years, your brain will not simply be ‘reset’ by eating a so-called well-balanced diet. Similarly, if you have experienced major stresses and traumas in life, you do not just recover by leading a balanced life. Damage needs to be undone.

The bottom line is that if your brain is programmed for addiction, with all the will in the world, and the best counselling, and even some of the new addiction drugs that make you feel sick if you use the drug of your dependence, nothing is stronger than the impulse of your brain telling you that your survival depends on having this substance. Biological urges are immensely strong. We take our hats off to those who have quit when all the cells in their body are screaming for a cigarette, a drink or a drug.

The easier track is to work with your brain’s natural design, not against it, by restoring the imbalance, not with drugs but with the very nutrients that your brain has evolved to use over millions of years. This not only reprogrammes your brain and your body’s chemistry to make you feel good naturally but also reprogrammes how you react to the triggers which lead you to take an addictive substance.

As your brain, mood, concentration and energy start to come back to life, so does your capacity for learning and resolving psychological or life conflicts which might be part of you getting stuck in some level of addiction. Hence counselling is more effective in optimally nourished people.

Success Is Proven

A treatment centre in Virginia called Bridging The Gaps incorporated these 12 keys into its agenda, along with intravenous nutrient therapy – and its success rate rose to 91%. We followed 23 of its clients one year after they had started the approach to quit their drug and alcohol addictions. 21 were clean and sober; 16 of them – 70% – had not even had a brief relapse.

Identify The 12 Keys

The first six keys define what ‘optimum nutrition’ really means in terms of unaddicting your brain -  which amino acids will most rapidly reduce your abstinence symptoms, the kind of foods and supplements to give the best intake of essential fats, vitamins and minerals, and how to improve your ability to digest and absorb these nutrients.

The next three keys – getting a good night’s sleep, solving hidden food allergies, rejuvenating your liver – are more applicable to some readers than others; check if they address issues that relate to you. The ......

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