Vote for the Health Party

You’d think the Conservatives are gearing up for a war with National Conscription. Meanwhile Labour wants to pour more money into Britain’s fastest growing failing business, the NHS, which ignores prevention. That’s why I’m voting for the Health Party.

They stand for:

Healthy people – not more money for more doctors or drugs for the NHS – the only way forward is to have less patients by targeting prevention. The NHS cost £200 billion – about £3,000 per person. How one in ten (6 million) are on a waiting list for treatment illion and 3 million adults are ‘too sick to work’ is a clear indictment of massive failure.  Let’s assume just half are healthy. That means a cost of £6,000 per person per year! With less than half this money we can stop people getting diabetes, heart disease, most cancer and dementia. Let’s do it.

Healthy economy – encourage local agriculture using regenerative farming methods to provide healthy, affordable food; sustainable energy systems both by economic power use and sustainable energy sources including hydrogen, solar and wind power. Stop waste.

Healthy communities – end crime and gangs promoting safe, trusting communities working together. More power to the people in local communities with easy digital voting on issues that matter with real solutions that don’t line the pockets of politicians.

Healthy environment – cleaning up our rivers and coast, promoting marine agriculture to regenerate the marine food web, capturing carbon, creating jobs, providing seaweed fertiliser to generate healthy soil

Healthy government – we don’t care what ‘party’ a person belongs to. We will create a government of simply the best person for each job – and bring in proportional representation to break this two-party stranglehold.

Why not?

Japan has regenerated their marine food web, providing their people with plentiful, inexpensive seafood and the lowest rates of dementia and neurodivergence. Each ‘canton’ in Switzerland can propose an action if the majority want it, and it then goes to the nation. El Salvador, thanks to Nayib Bukele and his government, has ended corruption at the highest level, gangs and crime, making El Salvador, previously the highest murder rates in the world, one of the safest places to live. He will be our advisor. Watch this.

I’d vote for Mr Else, the Texas teacher who has changed his first name to ‘Literally’ and his second to ‘Anybody’ so the ballot paper reads ‘Donald Trump…Joe Biden…Literally Anybody Else. I think he’ll get in!

Maybe next time we really can have a Health Party to vote for.