NEW! Upgrade Your Brain book – out 25 April

My new book Upgrade Your Brain is launching 25 April!

You’ll learn the 8 steps to optimise your brain for better mood, memory, sleep and stress resilience.

Brain size is shrinking, IQ is falling, mental health problems are rising. A recent EU report has declared a ‘global brain health emergency’.

One in six children are neurodivergent, many with autism or ADHD. While one in four over 80 have pre-dementia – memory decline is happening for many in their 30’s. One in four adults are on anti-depressants, sleeping pills or tranquillisers.

What is going wrong and how do we recover? My book provides the answers. I  show you how to:

  • Improve your mood and get a good night’s sleep
  • Deprogramme anxiety and build stress resilience
  • Free your brain from addiction (including sugar, alcohol and coffee)
  • Recover your memory and rebuild the brain’s connections
  • Build healthy young brains to prevent neurodivergence

I also interview world-leading professors and brain health experts.

Available to pre-order now at – Buy Upgrade Your Brain.