Low GL diets boost metabolic rate

The conventional view is that you can’t change your basic metabolic rate. But this new study shows that low GL diets change the calories you burn doing nothing.

The authors of this important study say“These findings suggest that a strategy to reduce glycemic load rather than dietary fat may be advantageous for weight-loss maintenance.” Published in the Journal of the American medical Association today the study by Dr Cara Ebbeling and colleagues at the Children’s Hospital Boston assigned people to three ‘maintenance’ diets, after having successfully achieved weight loss.

One was a conventional low-fat diet, the other a low GL quite similar to mine, the third a very low carb diet. They then measured the resting energy expenditure (that’s one’s basal metabolic rate – how many calories you burn doing nothing) and also total energy expenditure (that’s the combination of what you burn off doing nothing, plus any physical activity). Both the low GL diets resulted in a much greater resting energy expenditure than the low-fat diets. In other words, your body doesn’t slow down it’s metabolism so much when you eat low GL, than it does when you eat low-fat. The total calories burnt off was also greater on the low GL diets.

The lowest GL diet burnt off 300 more calories in a day that the low-fat diet. That’s the equivalent of what’s you’d burn off in one hour of exercise. I have been saying that you can change your metabolic rate for years, but this whole concept has been actively resisted by those married to the idea that weight loss is just about the calories you eat. This study confirms that following a low GL diet is much more likely to help you maintain, and not regain weight loss than a low-fat diet. My Low Gl Diet and Cookbook explain exactly how to do this. If you’d like to join one of our Low GL Diet groups around the country visit the website of zest4life to find one nearest you.