I start my day with a Hybrid Latte

Latte image

Many people suffer for the first two days when they cut out carbs to go into what we call the High Fat Phase in the Hybrid Diet. Coffee helps kickstart going into ketosis. So does fasting. So, on your last low GL day switching from low GL/slow carb to High fat/low carb, as in the book, have dinner at 6 p.m, then start the day with a Hybrid latté.

The Hybrid Latte is virtually carb free and rich in MCTs, so it encourages the body to make ketones. This provides a great morning kickstart, free from carbs, rich in ketone-friendly fats and both tasty and filling. It’s good hot and, by adding ice into the blender, also works as an iced latté.

If you then have lunch or brunch at noon. This means you’ve just done an 18 hour carb fast. If you also go for a walk before lunch, thus burning off glucose/glycogen stores, your body will go into ketosis faster – maybe in 2 days. at which point you can switch to thirteen hours of fasting – for example, dinner at 8 p.m. then nothing until breakfast at 9 a.m.

The Hybrid Latté is roughly 400 calories and provides almost 20g of protein, and 3 Fat Units (you need 10 a day in a high fat phase).So,nothing but three of these per day would give you sufficient protein to meet your body’s needs, about 9 FU and 1,800 calories. If you do, use the coffee run through (for example if you use a paper filter) so the coffee becomes weaker throughout the day – or make later ones caffeine free.

Watch this film and see how to make it.

Here’s a poster for your fridge.

These are the ingredients:

240ml (8fl oz) no carb almond milk (unsweetened)

120ml (4fl oz) filtered coffee or run through (less caffeine, more antioxidants)

1 heaped tbsp almond butter or peanut butter (almond has half the carbs) – I like Meridian’s smooth almond butter available www.meridianfoods.co.uk

1 tbsp walnuts, pecans or peanuts (optional)

1 tbsp C8 oil (Ketofast)

1 rounded tsp cacao powder

Half a tsp cinnamon (good for blood sugar)

Blend all ingredients in a blender.

Note: Leave out the coffee for caffeine free, or use decaf and add more almond milk and a cup of ice cubes for an iced version.

3 FU, 2 GL/8g carbs