Discover seven ways to get Earthed

How well connected are you to the Earth and your body’s needs? When we surveyed over 100,000 people online in my 100% Healthy Survey, the habits and beliefs of the super healthy showed most had good relationships, kept fit, did vital energy-generating exercise such as yoga or t’ai chi, meditated or had some kind of spiritual practice, considered their relationship to nature important, had a good diet and took supplements. The key seemed to be connection, be it to others, the Earth or a higher purpose.

The body and earth connection

One of the five keys for connection is body and earth connection – being in touch with, respecting and nurturing your body with good nutrition and energy-generating exercise, and respecting and protecting the Earth through conscious living.

In our fast, modern world we have become so disconnected from the Earth. This disconnection has led to factory farming (intensive animal-rearing with little to no respect of the life of the chicken, cow or pig), GM crops, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The ‘sell’ is that this is the only way to feed the masses, but it isn’t true.

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