Big Bad Pharma – take action

Big pharma is a $1 trillion industry that has shares in many leading medical journals, funds and substantially influences doctors’ education, has regulators in their pockets and has been fined over $10 billion for illegal marketing practices, including encouraging off-label prescriptions (getting doctors to prescribe drugs for conditions they are not licenced to treat) and hiding sometimes fatal side-effects, in the US but not in the UK, despite the similar practices going on here.

Adverse drug reactions are the fourth largest cause of death in the US and account for more deaths in the UK than road traffic accidents or prostate cancer. Last week the New York Times described the pharmaceutical companies as “the biggest drug pushers of them all” largely responsible for the “64,000 americans [who] died of an [opiod] overdose last year”, although deaths from all drugs is very much higher.  Big pharma also funds many major ‘disease’ charities and kills off the competition by actively suppressing non-patentable and profitable natural medicines. How long are we going to put with this, with their profit paid out of our taxes?

My mentor, the late Dr Abram Hoffer, head of psychiatric research for Canada’s Saskatchewan province, who stopped seeing patients two weeks before his death in his 90’s, having successfully helped thousands of people recover from schizophrenia and campaigned throughout his life for safe and effective nutritional treatments, would be 100 today. He knew what was going on. Here’s a few of my favourite Hoffer quotes:

“”Drugs make a well person sick. Why would they make a sick person well?”….”How much longer will society permit doctors the luxury of doing nothing, especially when the suggested treatments are safe, economical and, in the opinion of doctors who follow the treatments, so effective. The medical establishment should be ashamed of itself, and owes the American people an apology.”……”The history of medicine is a history of conflict. We should be making awards for infamy, but the list would be too long and thus no one would stand out.”…..”No amount of evidence will persuade someone who is not listening.”

Help make your voice heard and put an end to, or at least curtail, big pharma’s tyranny that’s harming way too many people and impeding major advances in natural and nutritional medicine. Say no to drugs when there are better, safer alternatives. Sign the petition ‘stop drug companies putting profit before lives’ and share my ‘drug rap’ with all your friends so people become more aware. Find out more at