Fight cancer with these lifestyle changes

  • 20 May 2014
  • Reading time 6 mins
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Find out which changes in your diet and lifestyle will minimize your risk of cancer, reduce the risk of recurrence and speed up full recovery if you have had cancer.

The anti-cancer diet

  1. Decrease the following from your diet:
    • Avoid, or at least limit, your intake of red meat to a maximum of 310g (11oz) a week, or 150g (5óoz) twice a week –150g (5óoz) is roughly a palm-sized portion.
    • Avoid, or rarely eat, burned meat – be it grilled, fried or barbecued – or processed meat products (most pies, burgers, sausages).
    • Minimise your intake of fried food. Boil, steam, poach or bake food instead.
    • Limit your intake of dairy food, choosing organic whenever possible. Ideally, avoid it if you have any cancer, but certainly avoid it completely if you have breast, prostate or colorectal cancer.
    • Don’t drink alcohol and, if you do, certainly limit your intake to one drink a day if you are male, or one drink four times a week if you are female. Ideally, limit your intake to three drinks a week, preferably choosing organic red wine.
  2. Increase the following in your diet
    • If you eat meat, choose organic low-fat varieties, game or free range and organic chicken.
    • Eat fish, such as herring, mackerel and salmon, instead of red meat, as well as white fish. Arctic cod and halibut are the least polluted.
    • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – seven or more servings a day (organic whenever possible).
    • Have a variety of colours in your selection of fruits and vegetables, including something red/orange every day (such as carrots, sweet potato, tomatoes, peaches or melons) and something blue/ purple (such as berries, cherries, grapes or beetroot) and something yellow (mustard or turmeric) most days.
    • Have a serving of cruciferous vegetable every day. This includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale.
    • Eat a clove or two of garlic every day.
    • Choose shiitake mushrooms and spice up dishes with turmeric. These contain anti-cancer agents.
    • Have some soya milk or tofu, or a bean dish, every other day.
    • Add flaxseeds to your breakfast and use flaxseed oil in salad dressings. Generally avoid refined vegetable oils – use only cold pressed oils.
    • Eat wholefoods, such as wholegrains, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds and vegetables, all of which contain fibre. Some of the fibre ......
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