Coconut oil – Can it help protect your memory?

  • 2 Sep 2013
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Recently the media has reported a number of stories relating to the health benefits of coconut oil, in particular, its ability to aid memory loss and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

I wrote the first UK piece about it in the Daily Mail in January 2013 that had some amazing accounts of the benefits reported in America and why it made sense scientifically. Most dramatic though was the case of Vrajal Parmar in the UK, diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer’s , who was being looked after by his wife and his son Kal.

Vrajal had been given the standard pencil and paper test called the Mini Mental State Examination by his doctor. This test is used to measure how a patient’s Alzheimer’s is progressing. A healthy person would score 30, Vrajal’s results stated that he was “too severely affected to score anything at all”. Kal, his son, supports this result, “He [Vrajal] was so far gone he couldn’t do anything for himself. Dad couldn’t wash himself or dress or go to the toilet without help, he had to be watched all the time.”

After hearing about the benefits of coconut oil via a You Tube video, Kal initiated a teaspoon dose of coconut oil, three times a day mixed in with his father’s food. This is when he saw a real change in his father’s behavior which went from him being unable to do anything with frequent aggressive turns, to being able to hold simple conversations and less aggressive outbursts.

It could be suggested that the improvement came from medication, however, Kal states “Dad has never had any drugs” and comments that “when he [Vrajal] was first diagnosed three years ago the doctors said that his condition was already too advanced for him to benefit [from drugs].”

The YouTube video that introduced Kal to coconut oil was made by Dr Mary Newport, a pediatrician in Florida who began using coconut oil to treat her husband with Alzheimer’s four years ago. He’d been diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer’s but had seen no benefit from the drugs. With the oil, says Dr Newport, there were positive changes: “he began to get his short-term memory back”.

Support for the idea that there is a very plausible scientific explanation for the ......

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