Ask Patrick - Energy and Sugar

  • 22 Dec 2015
  • Reading time 5 mins
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  1. Question Can the amount of sugar one consumes result in an ovarian cyst? S. M

    Answer Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is strongly linked to too much sugar, which causes too much insulin release, which then results in insulin resistance or insensitivity. As well as avoiding sugar and eating a low GL diet the mineral chromium, taking 200mcg twice a day, improves insulin sensitivity. There’s a chapter on PCOS in my book Good Medicine.

  2. Question I always feel tired mid afternoon and often have to go to bed for two or more hours - even though I've had cereal/ porridge for breakfast and perhaps salad/ soup lunch. S.C

    Answer It does sound like an afternoon blood sugar dip. It’s actually healthy to start early, then siesta, but two or more hours sounds like too much.

    Beans help to stabilize blood sugar. Try having some with your lunch, or include more protein such as fish. Also, you could try a teaspoon of Carboslow fibre with a glass of water before your lunch to help even out a potential blood sugar dip. Are you taking one of my Optimum Nutrition Packs, two strips a day, one for breakfast one for lunch? That often perks up your energy. Also, you could try a Moringa tea in the afternoon. That’s a natural energy booster.

  3. Question I’m on a low GL/ low sugar diet after being pre-diabetic ten months ago. I managed to lose a stone and bring HbA1c levels back to normal. But I always suffer with SAD symptoms during the dark winter days and recently my cravings for carbs and sweet things have risen sharply, testing my willpower significantly. Any tips for dealing with these cravings and SAD? Thank you! C.B

    Answer SAD can be caused by a dip in serotonin and/or a dip in vitamin D. So, firstly, you need 1,000ius of vitamin D, 25mcg, every day. My multi, in two pills, gives 15mcg or 600ius so get something like Biocare’s Vitamin D Mulsion and have a drop a day.
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