Arthritis Research

We just had the preliminary results of the first 11 people with arthritic pain in a small trial of a daily combination supplement taken three times a day containing Theracurmin (a highly absorbable form of curcumin), glucosamine, MSM and quercetin. These are my four favourite natural remedies which have been combined into Glucosamine with Theracurmin. Each participant rated their pain and their joint stiffness out of 10 at the start and 30 days later. Overall, pain rating reduced by 43% going from an average of 7 to 3.7 out of 10. Stiffness by 40% going from an average of 6.3 to 3.8 out of 10.

Preliminary results showed an average reduction in pain by 43 per cent and a 40 per cent reduction in stiffness after taking a supplement, Glucosamine & Theracurmin, also containing MSM and quercitin, for 30 days. These are my favourite four. Here’s a few comments from the trial participants:

“I feel better than ever. Love this product. Genuinely worked. Thank you.”

“The joint pain I have has noticeably lessened over the past month and am now able to walk much further. The pain does not wake me up at night as much as it used to so my sleep had improved.”

“I feel less stiff in the morning, my knee joints feel stronger and less sore. I am able to move my leg and knee to a greater degree than prior to the trial, I definitely feel and improvement over the last month and I have changed nothing else.”

“My fingers are less stiff after the trial.”

“I feel encouraged that I am able to walk 2 ½ miles instead of struggling after 1 ½ miles.”