55,000 do Cognitive Function Test in 10 days

Food for the Brain’s Alzheimer’s Prevention Project has got off to a flying start with over 55,000 completed on-line Cognitive Function Tests in the first 10 days. Find out what people who have done it say.

Over 500 people are diagnosed with dementia every single day. Three quarters of dementia is Alzheimer’s, for which there is no known way of reversing the brain damage. Hence, the critical point is to a) detect any decrease in cognitive function as early as possible and b) if some decline, measure homocysteine since a homocysteine above 9.5mcmol/l is strongly linked to accelerate brain shrinkage and memory decline. Of course, there’s no harm in testing your homocysteine anyway, which I recommend for anyone over 50, along with doing this Cognitive Function Test. If your score is above 9.5mcmol/l it’s really important to start taking high dose B vitamins (B6 20mg, B12 500mcg, folic acid 400mcg). The better homocysteine normalising formulae also contain TMG, zinc and NAC, which further help to normalise homocysteine and improve methylation – a vital process for keeping your memory intact.

A low homocysteine level also improves your mood, protects your bones from shrinking and is strongly associated with lower risk of a stroke or heart attack. Food for the Brain have received hundreds of ‘thank you’ letters, some from people who didn’t score so well but now have a plan of action. Helen K wrote in to say: “Yes, I found the Test helpful and it confirmed my suspicions that I am in the Amber region and need monitoring. It is good to have a letter to take to my GP. I am also pointing out your website to the doctors who may not be aware of it, or the list of helpful preventative measures recommended for patients to improve their lifestyle and health. Very good. It was reassuring that I am not ga-ga yet (!) and that there may be help soon for Altzheimer’s sufferers in the pipe line. I will certainly try the Vitamin B medication. This is likely to be a very major issue as we all hit our old age. With many thanks, and good luck with your research. “ Another person wrote in to say: ” I have taken the results to my GP and discussed them and other closely associated matters with him. It was a good positive meeting facilitated by having the results of your test available. We have agreed a plan of action covering the next two months that satisfies my needs and includes the GP’s involvement. Looking further ahead the results of retaking of your test in a years time is seen as a potentially valuable piece of data.” Many others have had their fears relieved.

“The positive response to my test results came as a great relief, as my father, uncles and paternal grandfather all developed symptoms of senile dementia of one form or another, when they were precisely the age I am now. I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, at least for the foreseeable future.” Yours, Hugh G. “A really informative website – and the opportunity to put my mind at rest by doing the cognitive test was priceless. I found the test itself very well introduced and explained. The examples are particularly helpful. I’m sure I’m not the only one who approached the test with some anxiety but I found I was far less panicked than I expected.” said Marion. Ivor, age 75, said “The nightmare of Alzheimers has been put to sleep by the results of this test. Thank you.”

Please tell all your friends to take this free on-line Cognitive Function Test. You can easily forward them a self-explanatory letter which has a link at the end for putting in your friend’s emails so this e-letter gets forwarded. By the way, Food for the Brain Foundation desperately needs money for research. It now has a large database of invaluable information to explore links between cognitive function, diet and lifestyle. But, with no corporate or pharmaceutical funding it relies on people like us to chip in. It’s the leanest organisation possible – I know because I work there a few days a month! To make a donation become a Friend of Food for the Brain.