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Ask Patrick – Food Intolerance

Patrick answers questions on Food Intolerances and Allergies.

Ask Patrick – Food and Supplements

Patrick Holford answers questions regarding food and supplements.

Ask Patrick – Sleep

Patrick Holford answers questions about how to get a good nights sleep.

Ask Patrick – Digestion

Patrick answers questions related to digestion.

Ask Patrick – Stress and Fatigue

Patrick answers health questions related to Stress and Fatigue

Ask Patrick – Anti Ageing

Patrick talks about Anti Ageing

An Overview of Optimum Nutrition

I provide a summary overview of what it means to be optimally nourished.

An Introduction to the Low GL Diet

A brief introduction to the Low GL Diet at the core of my teaching.

Member’s 2022 Update

Wishing you a healthy start to 2022. My Club aims to support you in your journey to 100% health.