Optimum Nutrition for Vegans

We know that a plant-based, vegan diet is healthy. But how easy is it to incorporate it into our lifestyle? Are there additional steps that need to be taken to ensure our body is getting the nutrients it needs?

In Optimum Nutrition for Vegans, I explain how to achieve optimum nutrition while following a vegan diet. I show you how to ensure you are getting enough protein and brain fats, control your sugar and energy, ensure you maintain sufficient vitamin and mineral levels and other small steps that maintain a good overall health for vegans.

I lay out the facts about what to eat, and in what combination, to achieve the best of health on a vegan diet, with clear principles for how to get enough good quality protein by combining foods, slow release carbs and essential fats and which foods are richest in vitamins and minerals, backed up with 100 delicious easy vegan recipes that will nourish your body and your brain. I also explain how to be a healthy vegan when pregnant.

There are many aspects of a purely plant-based diet that are good for health, but you’ve got to know a thing or two about nutrition to avoid the pitfalls. When you get nutrition right for the brain it’s right for the body.

Whether you find it challenging to be a healthy vegan or are considering becoming vegan but lack the confidence to take the leap, Optimum Nutrition for Vegans will be your guide for overall health.

The book is due out on 17 December 2020. You can pre-order your copy now!

Blogs, Reports & Podcasts

I’ll be writing blogs and reports on how to be a healthy vegan over the coming months, based on my research while writing the book. My first report is:

Vitamin B12 – Why Vegans Need it.

Supporting Products


Patrick Holford’s NEW Essentials4Vegans is a combination of the four nutrients that are hardest to get on a vegan diet – vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3 DHA and the phospholipid choline. Taking two vegecaps a day provides these four nutrients in optimal amounts: Vitamin B12 10µg, Vitamin D3, derived from lichen, 1000iu (25µg), Omega-3 DHA 250mg, Choline 200mg. Taken together with the Optimum Nutrition Formula – a multivitamin and mineral – comprehensively covers all nutrients required for optimal health, supported by a wholefood diet.

Vegan Society approved.

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