Improve Your Digestion

It is becoming increasingly recognised that a healthy gut is crucial to all-round good health, a fact demonstrated by the growing interest in this once taboo subject. Most digestive problems are a consequence of one or more of the following issues:

• Poor digestion (irritation, intoxication, lack of enzymes, lack of stomach acid)

• Poor absorption (increased gut permeability)

• Poor protection (dysbiosis, inflammation, food intolerances)

• Poor elimination (clogged up colon, liver-detoxification problems).

My new book, Improve Your Digestion, explains all of these problems and how to resolve them so you can live a healthier life. To find out if you have digestive issues, take our free online Digestive Check, and to resolve them book a seminarread the book and our 100% Health Digestion Survey and watch the video below.