Improve Your Digestion

It is becoming increasingly recognised that a healthy gut is crucial to all-round good health, a fact demonstrated by the growing interest in this once taboo subject. Most digestive problems are a consequence of one or more of the following issues:

• Poor digestion (irritation, intoxication, lack of enzymes, lack of stomach acid)

• Poor absorption (increased gut permeability)

• Poor protection (dysbiosis, inflammation, food intolerances)

• Poor elimination (clogged up colon, liver-detoxification problems).

My new book, Improve Your Digestion, explains all of these problems and how to resolve them so you can live a healthier life. To find out if you have digestive issues, take our free online Digestive Check, and to resolve them book a seminar, read the book and our 100% Health Digestion Survey and watch the video below.

100% Health digestion survey

Read the full results of the UK's largest ever digestive health and diet survey, indicating that nearly half the adult population are constipated and which foods are best and worst for healthy digestion.

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Two in three people experience bloating after meals. Eight in ten don't go to the loo every day (you’re meant to go twice). One in four women complain of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). All these, and other digestive problems, are solvable. The answer is what you put in your mouth. In my 100% Health Survey I found that those with digestive problems gained weight, and lost it when they resolved their digestive issues. Find out how you score in our free online Digestion Check