“I have never felt better.” – Kevin F

I wanted to thank Patrick Holford and 100% Health for making me change my outlook on life.

I am an HIV positive 48 year old guy who was slowly killing myself by waking up each morning and reaching for a cigarette before heading to the kitchen for the morning espresso or four on an empty stomach. I would then follow this with Speed and fly through the day kidding myself everything was ok! How wrong I was! One particular edition of 100% Health hit me like a bolt from hell, as it could have been me the article was about. I realised I had to change before it was too late and have now given up cigarettes, drugs and caffeine for 6 months. I have never felt better. I am so thankful to 100% Health for making me wake up and not smell the coffee but, smell life again. Your outlook and information on so many different subjects is so easy to understand and you allow us to digest the information, without being preached to yet informed. Thank you!